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Sega and Microsoft create a strategic alliance for cloud development

Sega and Microsoft create a strategic alliance for cloud development

Sega and Microsoft create a strategic alliance for cloud development

Sega and Microsoft confirmed their “strategic alliance”, which will see the Japanese publisher and developer start to create software on the Redmond-based cloud platform.

Sega has said the alliance is part of its long-term plans for a “Super Game”, reboots, and revivals of their intellectual property. Everyone, keep your fingers crossed for a new Jet Set Radio.

Microsoft has been using this type of strategy for years. They have licensed its server technology to rival console markets like Sony. In May 2019, Microsoft and Sony announced a strategic partnership that will see hosting services such as Crunchyroll and PlayStation Now moved to Microsoft Azure data centers.

Sega stated that Microsoft and Sega had agreed on the foundation of the alliance and will work together to create further technological advancements. Sega highlighted the importance of areas such as network infrastructure and communication tools for global online services. Sega can also adapt to changing work styles and infrastructural developments by moving to the next-generation platform of development.

Although it seems that the cloud-based development environment will partially remove the obstacles of working remotely during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic , we are sure there are other benefits.

Sarah Bond, Microsoft’s spokesperson for the partnership, said that Sega has played an iconic role in the industry and been a great partner over the years. We look forward working with them as they explore new ways of creating unique gaming experiences using Microsoft cloud technologies. We will work together to reimagine the way games are built, hosted and managed, with the goal of adding value for players and Sega.

Sega’s “Super Game”, which will be released in early 2019, is still awaited. However, cloud gaming continues to be a key part of Microsoft’s Xbox business strategy. Xbox Cloud Gaming was launched on mobile and PC , with plans to expand it to Xbox consoles, including the older Xbox One.

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