Scarlet Nexus gameplay is heavily dependent on the player’s companions. Players will get to know each character’s personality through their stories by having them switch between the two of them. Each party member is unique, whether they are fighting alongside them or just hanging out between the action.

However, some are more helpful than others depending on how players play and with whom they connect more. Each character is unique in their own way, and it is how they overcome them that makes them so beloved. Their entire story and how they use them in battle should be considered.


Kagero is a fascinating case. His most important factor of unlikability is his facade. But then again, almost everything about him is. Kasane is often exposed to his aggressive and womanizing side, which is quite off-putting at first. He also does some very deplorable acts early in the story like assassinating Yuito’s father and pining it on Kasane.


Personally, Luka is very likeable. His problem is his limited ability to help in certain situations. It is admirable that he keeps trying to improve himself, but it can also be a bit tragic when you realize why. He is blinded by his insecurity about being a former dud and unable to see the potential for great things beyond battle. He opens up greatly when Yuito or Kasane help. He is so full of infectious optimism that it’s difficult to find anything negative about him.


Luka has the opposite problem as Arashi. Although her power is extremely useful, she’s not a very likeable person. Her laziness can be a real problem to manage at first glance. She isn’t as charming as Hilda from where her laziness makes it easy to get out of work in humorous and entertaining ways. Arashi refuses to do anything when asked, even though she’s constantly being called on it.

She isn’t just uncaring, but it goes deeper than that. She regards things such as having a relationship to her brother as “meaningless tasks”, and even though she is more open, it doesn’t disappear to a satisfactory extent. Despite this, Hypervelocity is a great tool in high-stress situations. There are many options for her ability to slow down time. This allows the protagonist to use Psychokinesis as they wish without having to worry about avoiding attacks. It can also be used to give the protagonist a brief respite from fighting and allow them to heal.


Hanabi is an incredibly friendly character who was always there for her. Yuito, her childhood friend, was the one she followed into the OSF. She didn’t think twice about what she wanted, but she did not stop to reflect on the benefits of the experience. It was fascinating to watch her slowly realize that she must live for herself. It’s also a mature way for her to deal with the situation. She is open to what she wants in life, but she doesn’t let go of the people and things she loves.

She is somewhat limited by her power, but there are better options. Pyrokinesis is certainly worth it. It is great to burn enemies and force them to take constant damage. It can’t be used simultaneously with Electrokinesis, though it is better. Although Pyrokinesis will be used by most players for Yuito’s storyline, she is still somewhat outclassed in comparison to other members of the party.


Shiden is deliberately unlikable right from the beginning. Shiden is a contentious and argumentative man who won’t allow anyone in. He can be stubborn even when he is open to sharing his thoughts. Few people are more threatening than Shiden in terms of first impressions. However, players will begin to understand why Shiden is like this and it makes him more relatable. Although it doesn’t excuse his jerkiness, his insecurity about being outdone by his teammates skill-wise earns sympathy.

He realizes that he is useful to the team and not just for his own ego. He retains the competitive spirit that keeps him motivated to fight. His Electrokinesis skill is one of the most powerful in the game. It’s far more fun to stun than to burn your opponents. This allows you, the protagonist, to rant on your enemy endlessly. His bond with his enemies increases and he is able to use AOE effects to make his attacks absolutely devastating.


Gemma won the “most on the nose naming” award for her outstanding defensive skills in battle. Gemma is also a kind and compassionate person. He’s the oldest member of the team and has a lot experience with losing people and in battle. He has a deep-seated survivor guilt that makes it difficult to see what he can do once he retires. Although he is a Yuito platoon member, his Bond Episodes With Kasane, which explore this through Naomi’s failure to protect Naomi, are his best exploration.

Sclerokinesis can be used in any situation. This ability allows you to completely negate damage for a short time, allowing you to take some of the pressure off during battle. It is always beneficial to give players something less to worry about and allows for healing or slow, powerful attacks. This ability should be activated whenever possible.


Tsugumi, the meek and powerful character that all players fall for, is the standard. It is funny that Tsugumi (in English) is voiced by the same voice actor who voiced Marianne from fire Emblem: Three Houses. Their characters are nearly identical. It is heartbreaking to see her believe that people don’t want her around, but it makes it so sweet and fulfilling to watch her become closer to the protagonist. She is also a strong advocate for her beliefs, and will challenge anyone who challenges them, despite her timid nature.

It is also quite useful to have Clairvoyance. It seems like a small thing at first. It seems that invisible enemies are very rare that she would have much use. But as she gets older, it becomes obvious that she is essential. It is a great advantage against hard opponents to have her ability to increase the range for perfect dodges, and allow powerful counterattacks. The ability also drains the enemy’s Crush Gauge faster at maximum bond level. This makes it easy to strike decisive blows.


Kyoka is a positive person. Her biggest flaw is her tendency to be too caring. This is something people often say about Kyoka in job interviews. Although technically she does betray the party at times, brainwashing from birth can do that to a person. She rejects this alternate personality so strongly that it’s difficult not to admire her for it. She is a wonderful character and cares so deeply for everyone at the party.

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