'Halo Infinite' Players Are Boycotting In-Game Purchases

‘Halo Infinite’ Players Are Boycotting In-Game Purchases

'Halo Infinite' Players Are Boycotting In-Game Purchases

‘Halo Infinite’ Players Are Boycotting In-Game Purchases

Halo Infinite gamers call the in-game shop’s prices a “blatant smack in their faces” because many customization components can only be purchased if you spend.

The multiplayer mode was released on the series’ 20th anniversary. It is free to download and play. This allows new cadets as well as veteran Spartans to dive back into Halo once again. Although it took a while to get this mode, given the many delays and problems encountered during its development, now we can all enjoy the wholesome gaming experience brought about by our shared passion for the hobby.

Psych! I did get you for a second there, wasn’t I? Players aren’t happy with Halo Infiniteingame shop. They are unhappy about the price of custom content that allows you to personalize your character. After the season one goodies were compiled, one player decided to figure out how much it would cost to buy every item.

We interviewed Jeff Steitzer, the legendary voice of every Halo announcer, about his support for marginalized people and what the industry can do to help them.

It’s PS775. This is equivalent to purchasing a new TV on Black Friday. This is going to be difficult for some — Halo infinite objects d’art or a new TV. I’ll let you think it over.

It’s not that these players aren’t entitled to a point. Matches are not a way to earn in-game currency. You must pay cash for custom components such as new weapon effects or armour colours. A section of the community has urged others to boycott the in-game shop.

GoobyOfPls, a Reddit user on the game’s subreddit, stated that these prices are “utterly ridiculous” and a blatant insult to those who were promised all event armour pieces/sets would come free. I’ve already played with someone who had the $20 armour and $15 swords. It was so disappointing to see,” added another participant.

It is not yet known if 343 Industries will adjust the HaloInfinite‘s prices. These free-to-play titles rely on microtransactions for future content updates. However, nobody likes feeling cheated. The developer stated that Infinite‘s multiplayer game mode won’t be a “grind machine that burns everybody out,” and these customization elements aren’t meant to “weaponize FOMO amongst players.”

‘Halo Infinite’ Players Are Boycotting In-Game Purchases
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