Fortnite: When will it return?

Fortnite: When will it return?

Fortnite: When will it return?


Fortnite: When will it return?

After the vast The End event, which confirmed that The Rock was The Foundation, players are now swimming in the ocean while the game remains downtime. This is similar to Chapter 1 with its black hole.

With Chapter 3 just around the corner, the game is currently inaccessible. When will Chapter 3 launch, and when will it end?

Chapter 3 will launch tomorrow, according to the train of thought. This is much earlier than initially believed.

Gameplay flags, which are cues for Fortnite to trigger certain things, hint at the theory that Fortnite will return on December 5.

A new Save, the World Pack, will also be available on December 5. It would be odd to sell something that cannot be purchased offline.

A PlayStation user also talked to PlayStation Support, who confirmed that the game would be back on Sunday.

Fortnite will be returning to play on Sunday at 10 AM ET/ 3 PM GMT. It’s looking very likely, considering Epic’s decision to not enter into a three-day downtime as they did for the black holes. This won’t have the same effect as the black hole, and so much of Chapter 3 has already leaked.

It is, however, contrary to what content creators and leakers with insider information had been hearing about how long the downtime would take. Many people suggested that it would be between December 5th-6th.

The leaks seem to be the reason for the shortening of downtime. With the game almost certain to launch on December 5, 2021, it appears that the leaks were the cause.

It might be frustrating that Fortnite isn’t available right now. However, it’s best just to let it go and enjoy the game while you wait. You can also avoid social media if you don’t want your Fortnite experience ruined. will reveal the new map. Keep an eye on the official Fortnite streams to see any objects in the water.


Fortnite: When will it return?
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