The future looks bright for Marvel’s Square Enix games series. Many people are wondering what superheroes will be next in the spotlight. Some characters have never been on a virtual adventure, while others want to be the best. Fans and critics have enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy, which was released recently.

So far, the Marvel and Square Enix partnership has had mixed results. 2020’s Marvel’s Avengers was disappointing. Fans were also disappointed by its reliance on online gaming. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy did much better this year in terms of public opinion and critics. It was awarded Best Narrative at The Game Awards. Eidos-Montreal developers did an excellent job. However, all the companies involved will now want to establish some consistency.

Square Enix has a wide range of characters to choose from. You have the option to make a less well-known comic book character a videogame star, or you can keep your focus on more popular characters. The article narrowed the options to five characters on the latter side. However, suggestions from those on the former are welcome in the comments. Let’s first look at the 5 heroes who are worthy to be part of Marvel’s Square Enix’s game series.


Since the 2011 title X-Men: Destiny, Marvel’s mutant team has been absent from videogames. It seems like a good time to bring back the X-Men into the virtual universe, given the rumours currently swirling about their inclusion in the MCU. The developers can take the Guardians teamwork gameplay and add a twist. Professor X is the head of this super-hero team, but he works more behind-the scenes than Star-Lord. Players should be able control multiple X-Men and switch between them. They can each instruct the other to use their signature abilities. Square Enix’s game would allow fans to have more control over their favorite member.

Future entries will continue to follow the narrative-heavy trend of Marvel’s games. The X-Men have many plot-device options. Two of the most recent plot-devices used in films are time travel and death. Another plot device that could be used in this game is sanity , following the Onslaught story. This would make Professor X an active leader, and show how the X-Men must work together to save the world. As they disagree and then reconcile, the characters can grow throughout the game. They also share what the team has done to help them.


The Human-Kree hybrid superhero has yet to make her debut in her own game. Square Enix offers several versions of Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers has been a prominent figure in Marvel’s mainstream media, so Monica Rambeau would make a great Captain Marvel. This entry could establish a Marvel Game Universe’ with Avengers‘ Kamala Kan/Ms Marvel returning. They are ready to team up in The Marvels . Fans may also want to see a virtual Ms Marvel.

Recent years have seen co-op games flourish thanks to titles like It Takes Two or A way out. This game series would be great to join the fray. Marvel’s Captain Marvel will feature two-player gameplay. The heroes take control of Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel and combine their skills to defeat enemies and solve environmental problems. With her speed, flight and energy abilities, the former would be great fun to play. Square Enix could use a co-op system to show Kamala’s attempt to prove that she belongs with the Avengers after making an error on duty.


This year was the 20th anniversary of Jessica Jones, star of the Alias comics. No doubt she celebrated it with a few whiskeys. Jessica Jones is still hiding since her 2019 exit from the TV series. It is not known if Jessica Jones will return to mainstream media via MCU. So how about joining the Marvel and Square Enix game partnership? As Jessica retires from superhero retirement, this one would be more detective-based. Inspiration could come from Batman and La Noire. Players will be placed in an open-world New York, where Jessica investigates cases and fights crime as necessary. As the game progresses, she could also rediscover her flying ability.

Luke Cage follows Jessica Jones wherever goes. This could be the focal point of the story. Luke might be reluctant for Jessica get back in the superhero action. Kilgrave is the obvious choice for Villain-wise. Although it would be difficult to follow David Tennant’s TV series, there is plenty of history between them. Kingpin, who is the leader of New York’s criminal scene, would be a new and fascinating person for Jessica to interact with. She could spend the game looking into Kingpin’s big plans and then trying to stop them.


Stephen has had a difficult few years in MCU. Stephen was caught in the five-year-long ‘blip’, and now he is heavily involved with the unstable multiverse. Doctor Strange is now a key character in Square Enix’s universe. It would be great fun to play as him. His martial arts and magic skills can make it challenging to solve puzzles and provide intense combat gameplay. New mystical artifacts and abilities could be unlock by players.

Marvel’s demon villain Mephisto is a great choice as the antagonist. His ability to manipulate memories and project illusions can be used to torture an experience Strange. This would allow him to make cameos from other characters that are associated with him, such as Clea. Some sequences could be created by the chosen developer that involve illusions and take players on an exciting ride. It would be a good idea to look at the Batman: Arkham’s Scarecrow sequences.


The Merc with a Mouth is not new to videogames. He starred in a self-titled 2013 game, which is now hard to find. Square Enix is giving him a second chance. To reflect the chaos and pace of the Deadpool character, a Deadpool game must feature fast-paced gameplay with lots of guns and close combat. Stealth could be used to prevent Deadpool from repeating himself. You could also unlock a variety of weapons, moves, and abilities.

Because his brain is unpredictable, the story of Deadpool should have narrative choices that can make him more heroic or less somber. He can respond to every choice made by the user and be more aware of their power. T-Ray, his archenemy is well-known and can be used as an antagonist. Developers have the option to continue the debate about whether Tray is Wade Wilson. There should be plenty of breaking the fourth wall, regardless of the story. It would be brave, but also hilarious, to make a reference to the Marvel’s Avengers criticism.

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