After allegations an Esports player was fired

After allegations an Esports player was fired

After allegations an Esports player was fired

After allegations, an Esports player was fired


After being accused of grooming and sexual assault, Scottish Valorantpro Zander Fraser was released by Skelp Gaming.

Skelp is described as Scotland’s top esports organization, with some of the most talented players in the country. Fraser, aged 18, was the IGL (in-game leader) of the company. A statement was released earlier this week.

“Alexis does not represent Skelp anymore,” Skelp said in a Twitlonger, “We stand for being open, welcoming, and safe organisation and we will continue doing that going forward.” While we look into the matter legal, we won’t comment further.

Esports News UK reports on Fraser being investigated by Police Scotland.

Yesterday morning, Twitter user Bebaberry_ shared a very harrowing Twitlonger that went into her alleged relationship with Fraser.

She says that she met Fraser at 15 and requested nude photos from her. She claims that he was also into “rape” and “age playing.”

Bebaberry wrote that he made me touch him on multiple occasions the first time they met. “I was not ready at all, and I made it clear to him and said no each time. He would make me do things, then apologize over text and manipulate my mind into dropping it.

“He continues to assault me, the latest being November sexually. I told him that he was hurting and asked him to stop. He continued telling me that he liked that I was crying and felt like r*pe.


“Recently, I have been contemplating the relationship and decided that after all I had been through, I would leave him. My goal is to stop this from happening again. I understand how people react to these situations, but I don’t believe negative comments about either side will make any difference.

After allegations an Esports player was fired
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