"Days Gone 2" might have featured wild and wonderful sci-fi weapons

“Days Gone 2” might have featured wild and wonderful sci-fi weapons

"Days Gone 2" might have featured wild and wonderful sci-fi weapons

“Days Gone 2” might have featured wild and wonderful sci-fi weapons.


Days Gone won’t get a sequel. This sentence has caused a lot of controversy among fans. Both for the long-standing survivors on PlayStation and the Johnny-comes-lately on PC. Sony’s continued efforts to make its titles more accessible to new audiences has resulted in several people being disappointed. These concepts will forever be on the cutting-room floor. However, a Jeff Ross interview shed some light on how Days Gone2 might have looked.

Ross spoke to USA Today for the win and suggested that the Bend Studio team create a trilogy to tell Deacon St. John’s story in apocalyptic North America. The director explained that “we have to be able crawl before we can walk, and run before we can run.” You create the minimum viable entry, and then you hope to get the second one. You’re not fighting over the foundations; you’re discussing the amazing new ideas you’re going to put into it.

The game received a mixed reception upon its launch in 2019. John Garvin, former director of Bend Studio and writer for brought up this issue to explain why the Day Gone 2pitch by Sony was canceled. Ross stated that sales of the game were equal to Ghost of Tsushima, but higher-ups seem to believe that the game was a failure based on this metric. Bend Studio has been working on something entirely different, while Sucker Punch Productions almost certainly is developing the sequel of the stealthy sim samurai.

We could ride our bikes around in circles, avoiding Freakers”lunging legs all Day. The director suggested that Days Gone 2 could have been an option and that Sarah and Deacon would have been the central emotional point of the story. Ross speculated that “each they’reeback together but maybe not happy.”What can we do about that? Ok, so we were married before that apocalypse. But what about the future?

It is a pertinent question. He elaborated, “e would have kept that heavy, strong narrative.”We would have kept the bike, of course. We would have shifted the tone a bit more in a technical direction. It would have been something like: “alright, now that we have all the NERO tech – what can we do?”This would have given the tone a ring that reaches out to new realities. This would have been more, I don’ttthink. But something where the player had resources and some of the government’s leftovers.

The player could then unlock the Unknown NERO Weapon, which stuns enemies. It also has the potential to ignite Freakers if they collect all the IPCA tech that was left at NERO research stations. Deacon’ssand Sarah’ssknowledge about this technology will increase, so we might have seen our hero using some truly wild weapons against the infected. This is a great idea, and Bend Studio will undoubtedly incorporate it into their newest game.

“Days Gone 2” might have featured wild and wonderful sci-fi weapons
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