PewDiePie Slams Twitch Streamers For "Dumb" New TV Meta

PewDiePie Slams Twitch Streamers For “Dumb” New TV Meta

PewDiePie Slams Twitch Streamers For "Dumb" New TV Meta

PewDiePie Slams Twitch Streamers For “Dumb” New TV Meta

We have lived through the era that was hot tub meta. We survived the ASMR-onslaught. We were able to avoid Amouranth’s yoga pants Twister méta from taking off. Streamers viewing TV with their viewers don’t seem to be that bad. However, it’s not us, the Twitch audience, who need to be worried anymore.

It doesn’t take rocket science to see that you can get a copyright strike if you watch a whole show on a streaming service. It’s not a possibility, and it’s just a matter of. This is something that big streamers have been discovering for themselves. Many face bans or suspensions.

However, even if you think that TV watching is silly, you are not the only one. YouTuber Felix Kjellberg (whom I am certain I don’t have to introduce you to) shared his thoughts about the situation on his stream on 11 January. He asked why creators risk their channels by broadcasting copied content.

“Oh, you saw Avataron Twitch?” He said, “See that’s a lie because nobody would be stupid enough to do that,” before staring into space and finally cracking up.

Although he didn’t mention any names, it is quite obvious that the creator was referring to Imane “Pokimane,” one of the platform’s most well-known faces. He had a 48-hour suspension after watching, yes, Avatar. His remark was not subtle.

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang is one of the latest victims of the dreaded strike on copyright. He was banned after viewing the anime series death note on Twitch. Although Pokimane was only suspended for a few days, Disguised Toast could be banned from the platform for a whole month, according to his tweet of 11 January: “Welp. Looks like I’ll see you guys in a while.”


Despite all the bans, the TV viewing meta seems not to be slowing down. However, copyright holders might force it to shut down. It’s better to embrace it now than later – hot tubs are not the answer.

PewDiePie Slams Twitch Streamers For “Dumb” New TV Meta
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