Apex Legends Dark Depths - Skins, Challenges and Rewards - What You Need to Know

Apex Legends Dark Depths – Skins, Challenges and Rewards – What You Need to Know

Apex Legends Dark Depths - Skins, Challenges and Rewards - What You Need to Know

Apex Legends Dark Depths – Skins, Challenges and Rewards – What You Need to Know

You can expect to find some serious loot at Apex Legends’ new undersea-themed, Dark Depths event. The update will also include the Dark Depths event. Continue reading to find out about the new content for Apex Legends Dark Depths. This includes skins and rewards.


Event Cosmetics: Dark Depths

This is not a Collection Event, meaning there won’t be any Heirloom weapons released with this event. However, you can still get some cool themed Legendary character skins at the store. These are the cosmetics that have been confirmed for Dark Depths.

– Ash’s “Denizen of Deep” skin
– Fuse’s ‘Broseidon’
– Horizon’s ‘Overfloater’
– Lifeline’s ‘My Wave’

All Dark Depths cosmetics are available for purchase at 1800AC


Dark Depths: Weekly Reward Tracks and New Event Packs

Dark Depths, as with previous events, will be divided into three free reward tracks – one per week.

January 11th-18th: dark depths load screen, 2 Apex packs, Epic-tier universal holospray, 25 crafting materials, 19 Battle Pass stars

January 18th-25th: 1 Apex Pack, 1 Dark Depths Apex Pack Epic-tier Valkyrie Holospray, 50 Crafting Metals, 19 Battle Pass Stars

January 25, 2015 – February 1, 2016: Epic Tier Alternator skin, Epic Revenant holospray and Epic-tier Skin, 25 crafting materials, 23 Battle Pass stars

All 3 reward tracks are worth 75 crafting materials and 61 Battle Pass stars. Players can expect to earn at least 6 Battle Pass level depending on how many Battle Pass star they have.


Store Bundles & Event Packs, Dark Depths Cosmetics join Item Pool

The store will have similar items to past events. It will also sell Dark Depths-themed and previous event bundles. The first round will be available from January 11th to 18th. Before the lineup changes for this event, will be available from January 18th through February 1st.

Bundle prices are from 2150AC to 4000AC. Players will be able purchase the bundle that includes the new ‘Siren Song’ R-99 for the entire event.

Dark Depths Event Packs will be available for 400AC and will guarantee the player a unique item from the Dark Depths cosmetic pools. Respawn seems to be following the Halloween trend: Dark depths items will be added to the permanent cosmetic pool. This means that players will be able craft them and then get them from regular Apex packs once the event ends.

New Arenas Map: Habitat, Arenas Flash Events

Technically known as Habitat 4, the new Habitatmap is located in an old IMC research base on the smallest island of a series off Storm Point.

Habitat 4 is most well-known as a breeding ground of Leviathans (the gentle giants who lumber around Kings Canyon and sometimes step on Mirage). Squads will therefore be safe from Prowlers when they confront each other on this map.

Habitat 4, which is surrounded by a waterfall and steep inclines, is the ideal place for quick escapes and slides. The Cave and The Nest are two points of interest. The Cave is small and waterlogged for close-range encounters. The Nest, on the other hand, is larger and more suitable for long-range combat.

For the rest of the season, be on the lookout for Ash’s Arenas Flash Events. Also, be aware for any Horizons, Pathfinders, Valkyries or Horizons lurking in the Nest and just waiting to nab you with a Bocek.

When does the Dark Depths Event begin?

The Dark Depths Event starts January 11th, 2022, and ends February 1st 2022. The Habitat is a permanent addition to the Arenas map rotation. At the end of the event 40 Dark Depths items are added to the permanent item pool. After two seasons, crafting costs for these items will drop to the 1200 crafting materials.

Apex Legends Dark Depths – Skins, Challenges and Rewards – What You Need to Know
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