Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV really took off last year

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV really took off last year

Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV really took off last year

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV took off last year.

Final Fantasy XIV is a popular title, Square Enix’s financial results from 2021. The MMO was not the only title mentioned by Square Enix. Still, the publisher did acknowledge Endwalker sales growth and increased subscriptions FFXIV to be significant contributors to the MMO’s success.

Square Enix released a press release (thanks, Games Developer) revealing its financial results for the nine months ending December 31, 2021. Net sales increased 7.9% from 2020 to reach 273.6 billion yen. Square Enix’s operating revenue increased by 22.2% over its year-over-2018 change of 41 billion yen to 50.1 billion, while 2021’s third-quarter reported 50.1 billion. Square Enix issued a revision for its financial forecast. The RPG Site highlighted this. This brings it in line with recent success.

So that’s a lot. But Square Enix points out Final Fantasy XIV’s success. While the HD games of the company, such as Outriders and NieR Replikant, did not make the same profits in 2021, the MMO sales still carried digital entertainment. Square Enix’s report shows that the company saw a “sharp rise” in monthly paying subscribers and that people also came to purchase its expansion, Endwalker.

The steady rise in Merchandising “based upon key IP” was also evident. Given how difficult some of us were fighting the silly Endwalker boxes, this is part of my report that Square Enix could have helped me write.

The message is that everyone’s favourite MMO seems to be doing as well as they thought. Square Enix has generally had good news regarding the Final Fantasy XIV front since the relaunch years back, but this sudden surge has propelled Square Enix’s online adventure into the spotlight. It’s easy to see how I feel from my past reports and ramblings. I’m happy my favourite game is so much in demand. However, Square Enix needs to make wise decisions about the extra cash. You know, real villain-level shitlike who played a part in ushering into our new NFT hell. It would be a shame.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV really took off last year
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