Incredible Easter Egg From 'Dying Light 2"

Incredible Easter Egg From ‘Dying Light 2″

Incredible Easter Egg From 'Dying Light 2"

Incredible Easter Egg From ‘Dying Light 2″

Dying Light 2developer Techland slipped a wonderful Dead IslandEaster egg into its undeadRPG that youwon’tt want to miss.

Recently released, PC Gamer has learned that an open-world adventure is hiding a reference from Techland’s 2011 zombie game Dead Island. The Left Finger blueprint of gloVa is a unique weapon blueprint that can easily be found and used to make an extra-special finger gun weapon.

The Left Finger is global, referencing Dead Island and TeTechland’sead programmer Bartosz Kulon. The original Dying light contained a similar weapon called The Right Hand of GloVA.

Players must first find the hidden blueprint to use this weapon. It is located near the Garrison District’s District’simportIt’sto complete the Broadcast first. Without a grappling hook, it is impossible to get up there.

PC Gamer recommends that players climb to the top VNC Tower. A second skyscraper on the corner with an antenna and a parachute. You can explore the secret room of Techland Easter eggs (The Left Finger of GloVa) by heading to its roof.

This is only one of many hidden secrets that players begin to discover as they explore Dying light 2. One player found out that the game had an invisible bicycle that was perfectly usable last week.

Incredible Easter Egg From ‘Dying Light 2″
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