Modders of 'Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Have Improved The Game

Modders of ‘Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Have Improved The Game

Modders of 'Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Have Improved The Game

Modders of ‘Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Have Improved The Game

Pokemon Legends Arceus has been a great success with both Pokestans as well as newcomers. Its completely new approach to monster pocketing made it one of the most popular Switch games.

It wasn’t long before mods had gotten a hold of the Pokemon port to PC. We are glad they did. Already, there are many that have made a significant impact on the quality of life. You can now swim longer before you drown and engage in battles from farther away. It’s likely that you have already fixed a minor inconvenience.

YouTuber PurpleThunderNE compiled a list of mods that showcases a wide range of modifications. A few graphical mods make subtle but significant improvements. One mod increases the draw distance so far-away Pokemon can move at 5fps. Another mod removes distracting lines that appear around rocks’ edges.

Other mods make it possible to improve some of the most important parts in Arceus, such as the mounts. Wyrdeer is now able to gallop up mountains with ease but has been overtaken by the Ursaluna, who also offers the same hiking abilities.

Sneasler, our clambering buddy, has also received a speed boost. Braviary, our boy clambering buddy, has seen a significant improvement in his launch. He now launches higher and doesn’t sag in height. Braviary also zooms across the landscape much faster. Basculegion won’t be getting a mod, he’s already perfect.

It’s probably the simplest mod in the showcase. This mod places markers on your map that will show you the locations of Spiritomb’s wisps. It is much more efficient than spending five hours searching for them in a slow-descending Braviary. These can’t be installed without a PC port or modded Switch, so you might consider them a wishlist for Xbox.

Modders of ‘Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Have Improved The Game
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