EA Blames "Battlefield 2042" for blaming "Halo Infinite"

EA Blames “Battlefield 2042” for blaming “Halo Infinite”

EA Blames "Battlefield 2042" for blaming "Halo Infinite"

EA Blames “Battlefield 2042” for blaming “Halo Infinite”

Battlefield 4042 is not the game everyone expected it to be. The game launched in November 2013 and has disappointed everyone who made it, those that want to make money off it, and those who just want to enjoy the game.

DICE EA The futuristic military shooter is a mess. The game has had numerous bugs since its launch. Fans have voiced their discontent through negative reviews and a shrinking playerbase, as well as a lack of communication or meaningful fixes. This is obviously not good. Battlefield V had 10 times as many concurrent PC players as the previous instalment.

EA now has the courage to admit what went wrong. The publisher held a “town hall” meeting with employees to discuss Battlefield 2204‘s many flaws and the events that led to its downfall.

EA’s Battlefield Insider Tom Henderson reports that Battlefield 2042’s failure was due to a number of key factors. These include the pandemic, developers working remotely, and the seemingly unexpected success of Halo Infinite launching just a few weeks following Battlefield 2042’s release.

Laura Milele, chief studios officer at EA, explained that “all of this innovation and all of the ambition for the project combined with a global pandemic halfway through the project meant we had more variables in development than ever before.”

She also stated that Battlefield2042 had bugs that reached “historical levels” for DICE games, while Halo Infinite only made it look worse.

EA also blames the Frostbite Engine for some of the publisher’s video games. Instead of spending time polishing Battlefield2042 and ironing out any kinks, EA spent it preparing Frostbite to be released for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S.

The report concludes on a somewhat ominous note. It suggests that the Battlefield2042 development group will be restructured to allow for a more efficient development process. This isn’t clear, and it’s unclear where Battlefield 2104 goes from here.

EA Blames “Battlefield 2042” for blaming “Halo Infinite”
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