Review of 'Total War, Warhammer 3': A Trilogy That Is Epic and Easy on Newcomers

Review of ‘Total War, Warhammer 3’: A Trilogy That Is Epic and Easy on Newcomers

Review of 'Total War, Warhammer 3': A Trilogy That Is Epic and Easy on Newcomers

Review of ‘Total War, Warhammer 3’: A Trilogy That Is Epic and Easy on Newcomers

We are nearing the long-awaited end of Total War’s fantasy story arc. Since its last year’s announcement, Total War III has been awaited by fans. Now they are in for a surprise! This review will help you get through the final days of Total War III: Warhammer III before the game launches. It will also give you an idea of what you can expect when entering Total War III’s Realms of Chaos.

Julian Benson showed Total War III to us earlier in the year. I can only agree with his assessment that this might be the best entry in the series. Jules aside, I am fresh approaching the Total War: Warhammer series, having not yet played any of the previous entries. Although I love a good strategy game and was eager to give Warhammer III a try, this review is more of an assessment by someone who has not played the previous entries. It’s meant to help beginners decide if this game is right for them.

It’s easy to get lost in Warhammer lore while playing the tabletop epic. The game is so rich from the beginning. While depth is great, it can be daunting for new players. Keep at it, and you will soon be part of a dramatic storyline.

A prologue will help new Warhammer players get up to speed on all aspects of Total War. Although this section can feel long and almost seems endless, it is a good start to learning the basics of Warhammer and allows you to experiment with your own strategies in a relatively easy world.

Total War: Warhammer veterans can jump right into the action and begin the campaign immediately. Many races are available to choose from, including the plague-ridden Nurgle and the Kislev, which are tough and ice-loving. Eight races are available, with two recommended as good choices for your first campaign. Total War is designed with newcomers and veterans in view and offers many difficult options to help you get into the chaos.

Total War has tons of new features, including hosting a multiplayer campaign with eight players rather than two. Many campaign scenarios are available in varying sizes, including ‘The Realm of Chaos, ‘Something Rotten In Kislev, and ‘Darkness & Disharmony. Each one presents its own challenges and rewards depending on the player’s mood.

Although Diplomacy was a feature that existed in the Total War: Warhammer series for some time, developers of Creative Assembly made improvements to it, making it the best. It’s the feature that you have always wished for in a strategy game, and it’s now available to all players. Players can form military and trade alliances to further their Realm of Chaos conquest. You can also use the game’s auto-balancing feature to find the lowest trade price they would likely accept.

Creative Assembly has visually brought back an iconic tabletop game with Warhammer III. It features some stunning graphics. The colour palette and number of mythical locations packed into one map often amazed me. You will need to manage your army and keep up with the many map types that are available during the battle phase.

Total War III can sometimes load slowly. I recommend an SSD to install the game. The campaign can cause problems for the game’s performance, especially when more than 90 factions are on the battlefield than in the prologue. The game starts to improve as you form alliances and gain control of more settlements.

I enjoyed the battle phase and strategically placing my troops on a battlefield. As a strategy lover, I loved the coordination of armies of all sizes. However, I got frustrated with the pace of battle after battle and decided to let the game resolve the conflicts for me using the auto-resolve feature. However, some engagements cannot be avoided. For example, when there is a crucial objective or settlement at stake. In these cases, the game forces you into the fray. This is perfectly acceptable since these are often the most exciting battles.

It all depends on your experience and background in the genre. Total War III can take some time to get used to. This is especially true if you’re new to Total War. It can be quite different from other titles such as Age of Empires or Starcraft II. But don’t let this stop you from enjoying endless strategy fun here if your eyes are open to the craft of Creative Assembly.

It’s easy to lose yourself in Total War and spend hours, days, and weekends waging war against settlements in The Old World. This is a great ending to a storyline that has been a long time in the making. It will be a strong selling point for fans of the series. Even though I was just starting the series, I felt very engaged in the storyline, and I enjoyed the journey. I am now tempted to return and experience the twists, turns, and surprises of the first two Total War games. This way, I can appreciate the progress Creative Assembly has made in Total War III. However, this strategy experience is still exceptional and worth investigating, even if it’s your first time facing down a Bone Giant in battle.

Review of ‘Total War, Warhammer 3’: A Trilogy That Is Epic and Easy on Newcomers
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