4 Potential Street Fighter 6 Characters We'd Love To See

4 Potential Street Fighter 6 Characters We’d Love To See

4 Potential Street Fighter 6 Characters We'd Love To See

4 Potential Street Fighter 6 Characters We’d Love To See

Is it too soon to begin wishing for Street Fighter 6’s future stars? It’s been just a few days since Street Fighter 6’s next instalment was announced. While most people are focusing on the logo’s sloppiness, we want to be focused on the most important thing: What toys will we have to play with?

Only two characters have been confirmed as of now. The first trailer showed Ryu, a thick-bearded boy, and Luke, the final SFV DLC character. However, these two characters don’t complete the roster. Capcom has a greater number of characters than other fighting game franchises so why not pick some of your favourites? These are the characters we would like to see in Street Fighter 6.


1. Mike Haggar

Street Fighter and Final Fight have a special relationship. This is a fancy way to say that one has been absorbed into another. Although there hasn’t been a Final Fight movie in almost two decades, it hasn’t stopped famous characters such as Cody, Guy and Poison from making their mark in the iconic scrapper. Mike Haggar is the only remaining character.

Haggar’s fighting games resume is impressive considering that he has never been a playable character on any Street Fighter game. While Haggar made a Saturday Night Slam Masters appearance as a playable character and was also featured in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (and Infinite), he has never made the switch to Street Fighter. It’s time for a shift. Ryu’s new muscles must be shamed.

2. Dudley

The “boxer” archetype is a common one for fighting games. It’s a great way to offer something different within a system that is dominated by punches or kicks. Even if your character doesn’t kick, you can still do something with a boxer, even if it is just more punch types. The SF6 character should include a boxer at least once, but let’s not forget about Balrog and instead focus on Dudley who is the infinitely superior option.

Dudley, an English gentleman, brings style and sophistication to the game of dudes hitting each other until someone shouts “KO!” It’s charismatic to see a well-dressed man beat you seven times before throwing one rose on your unconscious and declaring you “guttertrash”. Let’s hope that we get Dudley if there’s a boxer in SF6.


3. El Fuerte

Street Fighter is proud of its wrestlers. Zangief, a series staple, will likely be included in the new release in a capacity that appeals to legacy players. Capcom still has a lot of wrestlers available if they want to add to their roster. Hugo and Alex are excellent choices, but let’s give a little love to Street Fighter IV’s El Fuerte.

Wrestling is not just about powerbombs or piledrivers. El Fuerte, however, represents the Lucha libre style that needs to be more prominently displayed in fighting games. R.Mika is a skilled acrobat and can do a similar job. But sometimes, you just want to enjoy some “Ultra Dynamic cooking time”. You can give him a projectile special in which he throws the frying pan at someone’s head. It’d be great fun.


4. Batsu

Capcom has finally started to integrate other franchises into Street Fighter, such as Rival School. Sakura was first seen in Street Fighter Alpha 2, but she did not appear in Rival Schools until Season 5, DLC pass Street Fighter V. However, that pipeline changed when Akira was added to Street Fighter V. Street Fighter 6 will hopefully continue this trend with Batsu.

Batsu, the main protagonist of Rival Schools, has a bit more of a bad boy exterior than he actually has. However, he is a true gentleman. Street Fighter 6 could present Capcom with a great opportunity to show off a different version of Batsu as a grown-up, rather than a school student. Ryu can grow a moustache canonically and characters will evolve. Sakura doesn’t need to be a high school student all her life. Batsu can come back in Street Fighter 6. It’s possible.

4 Potential Street Fighter 6 Characters We’d Love To See
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