These Pokemon Pancakes Look Too Delicious To Eat

These Pokemon Pancakes Look Too Delicious To Eat

These Pokemon Pancakes Look Too Delicious To Eat

These Pokemon Pancakes Look Too Delicious To Eat

All who celebrate Happy Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday/Celebratory Food Day. Even if you don’t celebrate, it’s still a great excuse to eat pancakes like there’s no tomorrow. That’s exactly what I plan to do for this evening. You are welcome to join me.

How good are your pancake-making skills, you ask? I’d say that if you can get at least one pancake from the pan onto a plate, it’s pretty good. It’s even better if the pancake didn’t land on the floor after you flip it. Or stick it to the ceiling. This is where I feel I am exposing myself a little. I feel like I’m exposing myself a little.

These are art. These pancakes are the work of Pancakes, a talented pan, and hands who have created many other incredible pancake creations including some Star Wars characters and Disney characters. Let’s just stop and appreciate that the linework is flawless. There’s even shading! My brain cannot comprehend all the planning involved in these.

It’s the perfect time for some Pokemon pancakes. Last Sunday, February 27th, was Pokemon Day. We also got our first glimpse at the new Gen 9 games that will be available on Switch in the coming months. You’ve probably heard about the announcement if you’re reading this. But just in case, they’re called Pokemon Scarlet or Violet and are set in a region that is based in Spain.

These games will have some semi-open-world elements such as wild Pokemon appearing overworld. However, you won’t just be able to throw balls at them from far away to catch them. You’ll need to fight them the same way you did in all previous Legends games: Arceus.

Most excitingly, to me anyway, we were even introduced to, the new starter Pokemon – there’s the Water-type duck Quaxly and the Grass-type cat Sprigatito. And the amazing, glorious, and adorable Fire-type crocodile Fuecoco. You’re not being biased.

Although we don’t yet know the name, the new region will be revealed soon. The game will release before the year ends (probably November if it follows the normal mainline Pokemon games release times). There’s much to look forward to, and I think I speak for most of the fans when I say that we hope Sprigatito stays on all fours.


These Pokemon Pancakes Look Too Delicious To Eat
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