Director: "The Batman Arkham Asylum Spinoff"

Director: “The Batman Arkham Asylum Spinoff”

Director: "The Batman Arkham Asylum Spinoff"

Director: “The Batman Arkham Asylum Spinoff”

Matt Reeves, Batmandirector, has given us some more insight into the Arkham Asylum spinoff series in development and what we can expect.

Numerous shows that were set in the world The Batman were in development for the HBO Max streaming platform. In 2020, the first spinoff was announced. It would focus on Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon and the corruption in the Gotham City Police Department. It seems that this series has become the Arkham series.

Reeves spoke to YouTube channel the Cyber Nerds and confirmed that the GCPD show had grown into a new type of spinoff that examines the infamous Arkham Asylum’s troubled past.

“The GCDP, that story has a story, has evolved. The director stated that we’ve now moved more into the realms of what would happen in Arkham concerning our movie and some of the characters. It’s like a horror film or haunted house. Arkham is it.

Arkham should be a character in the movie. This is because Gotham is an important character. It will allow you to experience these characters and the environment freshly. As we worked on Gotham, the story began to evolve and it felt like, “Wait, this is what we should really do.” That’s pretty much where it’s ended up.

HBO Max is not the only spinoff of the Arkham Asylum series. Reeves said Penguin is a crime drama that follows Oswald Cobblepot’s (Collin Farrell’s) rise through Gotham’s underworld.

“We’re doing the Penguin series, and one thing that’s great about it is Colin Farrell. He’s so amazing, you’ve never even seen him. He is so amazing and a great scene-stealer. We thought maybe we could do Penguin as a series, ” Reeves explained to The Toronto Sun.

“So I spoke with HBO Max, showed Colin the movie, and talked to them about this. They said that they would do it.

Director: “The Batman Arkham Asylum Spinoff”
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