Steam's Top 10 Most Popular Games Ever: 'Elden Ring’

Steam’s Top 10 Most Popular Games Ever: ‘Elden Ring’

Steam's Top 10 Most Popular Games Ever: 'Elden Ring’

Steam’s Top 10 Most Popular Games Ever: ‘Elden Ring’

It’s nice to see a highly anticipated game live up to your expectations. It is safe to say Elden Ring achieved that with its 10/10 reviews ( included). This has led to an internet that seems to have lost itself in the Lands Between and surrendered its souls to the insanely powerful bosses.

SteamDB has confirmed that it is now one of the most popular Steam games. For concurrence, of all times. Eurogamer reported that FromSoftware’s latest version had beaten Fallout 4, Grand Theft Auto V and Among Us when it comes down to concurrent player peak.

Its concurrent player peak was just shy of one million. The game landed at 953,426 simultaneous users, confirming its position at sixth on the most used games list. It’s very many people, I’m sure. It is only behind Dota 2, Cyberpunk 2077 and CS:GO. This is a huge deal.

When you look at the actual sales figures, it’s not surprising that the player count is high. It was revealed last week that the UK’s combined digital-physical sales made the game the most significant launch for a game other than FIFA and Call of Duty since 2018’s Red Dead Redemption II. This is huge.

However, not everyone is pleased with the game. Despite the game’s overwhelmingly positive reception, some Metacritic users have bombarded it with highly negative reviews. This is even though the title has received a lot of positive feedback. Although some people complain about the PC version’s performance (which is understandable), others have attacked it as “an insult to gaming.”

Due to its difficulty, some of the problems players have experienced with Elden Ring. This is not unreasonable. We have some great tips and hints for players who are struggling.

Steam’s Top 10 Most Popular Games Ever: ‘Elden Ring’
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