The 'Elden Ring" Is Different Game in Brazil. That's a Problem

The ‘Elden Ring” Is Different Game in Brazil. That’s a Problem

The 'Elden Ring" Is Different Game in Brazil. That's a Problem

The ‘Elden Ring” Is a Different Game in Brazil. That’s a Problem

Elden Ring is a huge hit and, dare I say, a contender for Game of the year. A challenging yet satisfying combat game, with endless fun and a group of warriors who enjoy aggravating one another as much as helping each other in this difficult title. It is a shame that the Brazilian version of this game is so different.

Ewan and a few others on our team are obsessed with Elden Ring. Every time we see an Elden Ring meme it is sent straight to Ewan for the coveted laughing emoji reaction. In his review, he stated that “Maybe the greatest thing I can say regarding this magnificent game was that even after nearly 45hours spent in The Lands Between,” he said. As I write these words, I keep thinking back to the locked doors that I have yet to unlock, to the unmarked areas of the map and to the bosses that still need to be conquered.

You must believe in the world FromSoftware created to make these journeys across The Lands Between possible. To uncover the truth, you have to dig into the history and scraps. It is quite strange to discover that the Brazilian Elden Ring version lacks a lot of text about the characters and the environments they are dodge-rolling in.

” Elden Ring has big localization issues in Brazil [sic]. It isn’t about mistranslation, stated PicossauroRex, a Reddit user. The description of Blaidd’s Armor in Brazil didn’t include a reference to Frozen. However, they guessed that this might be because Frozen wasn’t as popular in Brazil. The cape protects the player from the cold, according to the part that is closer. This is the post that reveals all the errors they made.

“The missing information would not be a big deal so long as it only occurred in-joke descriptions, such as Blaidd’s Frozen reference. They found that large amounts of lore information, especially with spells, are missing in most cases. FromSoft’s localization team has made a huge oversight in this area. 80% of the game’s story can only be learned by reading descriptions of items. The subreddit is supportive and Bandai Namco may be able to take notice of this post.

You don’t understand why this is so frustrating? Let me show you The Fellowship of the Ring. Every page has been removed. You wouldn’t have the same experience as reading about Tolkien’s intricate world or epic story. one joked that “all I see is that English is now confirmed as an easy mode, and Portuguese is THE REAL way to play this game.”

The ‘Elden Ring” Is Different Game in Brazil. That’s a Problem
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