Review of ‘Stranger Of Paradise’: Final Fantasy Origin: Brutal Action in a Gorgeous World

Review of 'Stranger Of Paradise': Final Fantasy Origin: Brutal Action in a Gorgeous World

Review of ‘Stranger Of Paradise’: Final Fantasy Origin: Brutal Action in a Gorgeous World

The Final Fantasy franchise has something special. Even though there are many entries with varying quality, I feel my heart beat accelerating when I see the F-words prominently on a videogame. Stranger Of Paradise – Final Fantasy Origin had exactly the same effect on me as when it was first revealed. Was I wrong to be excited?

The game’s story is not straightforward as the grand and explosive trailer for it makes clear. As Jack, you play as a character who is accompanied by the Heroes of Light. Our role is to save the world and stop the dark forces of Chaos. This is then typical Final Fantasy stuff.

It should. Stranger Of Paradise – Final Fantasy Origin takes us back to 1987’s Final Fantasy (which can be downloaded in Remastered). It weaves a mysterious tale of locked memories that I won’t spoil.

Stranger Of Paradise combines hack-and-slash gameplay with loot ’em-up rewards. You’ll be able to acquire weapons and armour as you defeat your foes. Stronger enemies will yield more valuable gear.

Combat allows you to use a variety of attacks and block, while also allowing you limited control over your fellow party members. Although they are useful, your success is largely determined by how well you master the fundamental mechanics of attacking/blocking/dodging. A single hit from an enemy could break your position, making you vulnerable to KO.

I must admit that Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin was quite brutal. But it never felt unfair. You can see how challenging it is, even if one of the four difficulty levels, which range from Hard to Casual, is chosen.

There are many levels to the game. These maze-like levels require you to get from A to B and defeat bad guys. Each zone has its own main mission. Side quests can often be accessed after defeating them. These optional missions may differ from the main mission, but they all require you to crush your enemies and hear their cries.

Stranger Of Paradise also offers a job program. You’ll be able to earn points as you travel, which will allow you to unlock skills and attributes depending on the job you have, such as Swordsman or Ronin. You can play however you like, and the job system supports your preferences.

The gameplay clearly shows that Team Ninja is responsible for this. They are known for their distinctive style in all of the work they do, from the Ninja Gaiden franchises to the Nioh games. They have worked on Zelda Musou Hyrule Warriors and Square Enix’s Dissidia Final Fantasy so they are familiar with how to integrate their brand into any situation.

Although Team Ninja has done an excellent job creating an action RPG it feels odd to revisit the world that inspired this iconic franchise. I was excited to be able to see Castle Cornelia from a modern console. However, it was reduced to just cutscene appearances.

This is not the game’s offering. It offers a tight, action-packed experience that allows you to battle through enemies and earn loot. You can also level up. Unfortunately, I was not able to play the multiplayer mode, but Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a great game.

Stranger Of Paradise – Final Fantasy Origin was tested using code provided by Square Enix on PlayStation 5. The game will be available for Xbox, PS4, PC and Xbox consoles on March 18, 2022. Here’s a guide to our scores.

Review of ‘Stranger Of Paradise’: Final Fantasy Origin: Brutal Action in a Gorgeous World
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