Insider: 'GTA 6’ Split between Two Time Periods

Insider: ‘GTA 6’ Split between Two Time Periods

Insider: 'GTA 6’ Split between Two Time Periods

Insider: ‘GTA 6’ Split between Two Time Periods

Where will Grand Theft Auto VI be set? Fans have been asking this question for over a decade. Hundreds of YouTubers, leakers and industry insiders have all offered their answers.

The most common recurring theory states that the Rockstar Games epic will be held in Vice City. Multiple reliable insiders hint at an open-world map that is constantly changing.

Below are some Grand Theft Auto V Wins and failures!

Rockstar has not confirmed anything other than that a new GTA game is developing. However, a unique insider has made new claims about GTAVI’s location and protagonists and multiple time periods.

A leaker claiming to be Onion00048 suggested that GTA VII will take place in Vice City and include Liberty City and other parts of South America. This is not a new idea. We have heard rumours about multiple cities and a Narcos-inspired story of drug smuggling for the game.

It is intriguing to note that GTAVI wioccurace in two differeperiodsods. The leaker claims that the game will have multiple protagonists, taking GTA VI’s multi-protagonist approach to gaming. Rumours suggest that the first half of GTA V will be set in 1985, with the second half in modern times. After that, I would assume that players will be free to move between the 20th and 21st centuries for open-world stuff.

Onion teased that something official would be revealed about the game by the end of the year, possibly around the fall.

These rumours should be taken with a grain of salt, as always. Multiple cities spread over decades would effectively double Rockstar’s workload. It’s not possible to just put a few 80’s cars on the same map and expect people to believe it was from a different time. This, combined with the reports that Rockstar wants to avoid crunch this year, would make it difficult for me to set unrealistic expectations.

Insider: ‘GTA 6’ Split between Two Time Periods
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