The Predator Movies ranked from Worst to Most Popular

The Predator Movies ranked from Worst to Most Popular

The Predator Movies ranked from Worst to Most Popular

The Predator Movies Ranked from Worst to Most Popular.

Some will argue that there hasn’t been a Predator movie since the original. Although this opinion may seem absurd, few horror franchises have indeed had to work as hard as this one to live up to the immense success of its original entry. This series is an excellent example of the idea that diminishing returns can be applied to long-standing franchises.

This is not fair. Predator has not maintained the same pace over the 35 years since its 1987 debut. The 1990 sequel, which would have been the last movie audiences saw until 2004’s Alien vs Predator (another Predator-specific movie would not be released until 2010), barely touched on the events of that first film.

The sequels and follow ups that followed have failed to live up to expectations. They also struggled to stand on their own. This left fans with a collection of movies that is only vaguely related to each other. Perhaps Predator was not meant to be a series.

Let’s go back and rank every Predator movie, from worst to greatest, with a new film in the making.


Predator Movies Ranked

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6. Alien vs Predator: Requiem (2007)

Aliens vs Predator Requiem

Director: Greg, Colin Strause

Alien vs Predator Requiem is one of the most infamous movies.

While the film does provide plenty of Xenomorph-on-Predator action, with some pretty good fight scenes between the two species, the film is ultimately a depressing, mean-spirited mess with thoroughly unlikable characters, poorly executed plot points, and seemingly very little actual interest in its story and players.

The film is set in small Colorado town and ends up being caught up in the middle of the violent conflict. There is something about the fast-paced chaos that really grabs the attention. These are rare moments, so we end up with something too violent and ugly to be fun.

You may have a greater appreciation for that film than the original Alien vs.. Predator (no). It’s worth noting that half of the movie is dark.

Greg and Colin Strause would then go on to direct the Skyline franchise. It is hard to imagine anyone looking at Requiem and comparing it to other Predator films. And then thinking that the Strause brothers made the right decisions. This is a very unlikable movie, which you should watch at least once to see the end. It’s also easily the worst Predator movie.

5. The Predator (2018)

The Predator

Director: Shane Black

It was a great idea to bring in one of the stars of the original Predator and uncredited authors to direct and give new life to a franchise that is almost dead. This is especially true when you consider Shane Black, a director as talented as he is with action scripts and their characters and unique world-building possibilities.

The Predator had a lot to offer when the trailers were made public. There was a lot of hype for what should have been an exciting rebirth of a beloved universe. The result was met with a disappointing box office and almost harsh reviews.

What happened then?

The Predator was a disaster despite the excellent cast that included Oliva Munn and Thomas Jane, Boyd Holbrook and Keegan Michael Key. The best crew for this type of film also helped to make it a success. It was difficult to tie the movie to its historical context. The action and pace were slow and boring, and there weren’t any appealing or interesting characters. It feels like the movie was made by studio interference. However, it seems as though The Predator tried to do too many in a time span of one hour and forty-eight.

Although there are some great moments in the final product, you will have to endure a lot more boring or worse elements to reach them.

The Predator Movies ranked from Worst to Most Popular
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