"Dark Souls 3" Player Beats Game Without Ever Moving
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“Dark Souls 3” Player Beats Game Without Ever Moving

"Dark Souls 3" Player Beats Game Without Ever Moving

“Dark Souls 3” Player Beats Game Without Ever Moving

Perhaps you’ve heard of pacifist run or no damage run. Let me tell you about the latest installment of unimaginable soul-like accomplishments: the no movement run.

While most people are focused on Eldenring, this FromSoftware title can also host extreme player experiments. In terms of difficulty, Dark Souls III was released in 2016. These bosses are quick-moving, high-damage-returning enemies that require fast feet.

YouTuber HTMLfah set out to do the impossible and complete Dark Souls III while his movement was limited to walking. Yeah chose the agile Thief class and was able to use the quickstep skill along with exploits such as the “TearDrop” glitch that allows players to bypass pillboxes through the Tears of Denial spell.

To show his commitment to the feat, yeah switched off his left analogue stick – light-attacking and quick-stepping his way to success, while avoiding optional fights. Although yeah was not able to complete the feat, it is obvious that his playthrough was far from easy.

“I enjoy challenging myself with interesting ideas,” said ymfah, speaking to Kotaku. “I like solving puzzles and I enjoy a challenge. I have a clear goal and plan. I also use the knowledge I have about the game to help me overcome unexpected obstacles.

He continued, “I’m also using Steam controller settings to disable the left stick.” “The hardest area, apart from the run in the Profaned Capital,” he said. ymfah is aiming to complete a similar run on Elden Ring the next. He does.

“Dark Souls 3” Player Beats Game Without Ever Moving
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