Apex Legends Players Love Newcastle's Animations

Apex Legends Players Love Newcastle’s Animations

Apex Legends Players Love Newcastle's Animations

Apex Legends Players Love Newcastle’s Animations

Many players are returning to battle royale to enjoy the new Apex Legends Season 13 content and other changes after yesterday’s launch.

The update has seen a lot of attention due to a new legend, Newcastle. He, after having his skills thoroughly analysed is now receiving praise for his animations.

Reddit has given two of the most notable examples a thumbs-up, and they are not only for good reasons but also for other good reasons.

Apex Legends Players Enjoy Newcastle Animations

The first is about a legend player in Bangalore who happens to be Newcastle’s sister in game lore. Bangalore then stops by the lobby to briefly pose alongside Newcastle before laughing at him and then leaving.

Apex players seem to enjoy this little bit of sass. User okoyes_wig said: “Roast-of-the century and she didn’t say one word” and lipengdhjksc26 added that they were impressed by the quality of motion capture used in creating the animation.

User moyparra from Respawn stopped by the thread to tell players they enjoyed the “little sibling-roasted”, and added that it was “really fun working on Newcastle”.

User Havokz06 made a sarcastic comment that “this was 30gb” and another user replied that, if true, the animation would still be worthwhile.

Another of Newcastle’s animations received some love in another thread. This time, it was because of its relatability. It shows the legend dissatisfied at his stomach size.

Rickirontran, a user, pointed out that this is something many men can relate too, especially if they’ve been “going to hard on the donuts”. While dai-the flu said: “I love Jackson so very. He calls everyone “buster” and his chub is adorable. He is such a father.

Apex Legends Players Love Newcastle’s Animations
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