Skyrim Mod Gives Us "The Ultimate Lydia"

Skyrim Mod Gives Us “The Ultimate Lydia”

Skyrim Mod Gives Us "The Ultimate Lydia"

Skyrim Mod Gives Us “The Ultimate Lydia”

I believe Skyrim modders have reached another level of creativity. Even though it’s been well over a decade that Skyrim was launched, modders continue to find new ways to improve the game. I ask myself how? This isn’t just about rendering tweaks.

One recent mod allows you to get NPCs to call you by your real name which is a marked improvement on ‘Dragonborn.’ If you’re really bored, they can also call you something ridiculous like xX_dragon_killer_420_69_Xx. Other modders have redesigned NPCs , and made the game’s map futuristic -themed. Lydia, everyone’s favorite sidekick in Skyrim has received a new makeover.

Modder reindeer51 is the mod that refers to as ‘The Ultimate Lydia. This allows you to change Lydia’s hairstyle during playthroughs and in-game, as she now has a variety of wigs. The essentials.

Lydia has the option of a loose, casual style, a battle-mode ponytail or an action-ready, samurai-ready bun. The mod also gives Lydia Whiterun guard armour, adapts her animations for female characters, and equips Lydia with samurai buns.

Reindeer51 spoke out about the mod and said that it only overhauled Lydia. But, hey, I think it does something revolutionary here. You can switch between three different hairstyles for her! Yep, that’s right! This is achieved by Lydia having two ‘wigs in her inventory. […] Compatible with all mods, including NPC overhauls. To ensure that Ultimate Lydia is the only mod to take precedence, place it below any other NPC overhauls.

You can also download the mod to have the “ultimate Lydia” as your companion on Nexus Mods. Every battle-ready soldier knows that the first rule to fighting is to have three different hairstyles at your disposal. Duh.

Skyrim Mod Gives Us “The Ultimate Lydia”
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