Attack on the Beginner's Guide: All You Need to Know

Attack on the Beginner’s Guide: All You Need to Know

Attack on the Beginner's Guide: All You Need to Know

Attack on the Beginner’s Guide: All You Need to Know

Attack on Titan was an anime sensation that debuted its first season in 2013. Attack on Titan, based on the manga series with the same name, is well-known for its brutal violence, frequent character deaths, and wildest plot twists.

Attack on Titan is a high-flying, blade-wielding series that leaves you eagerly anticipating the next episode. It is completely captivating and addictive. That’s part of its huge appeal.

Attack on Titan is not only the most loved anime in the world but it’s also one of the most popular TV series in general. You’ve likely heard of it due to its history. But what’s the fuss about this alternative medieval adventure? We’re here to help you with your Attack on Titan beginner’s guide.


What is an Attack on?

Attack on Titan takes place in a city walled off on the island Paradis. Here, the survivors live in relative safety against the giant titans who roam the streets. Despite corruption being rampant and the truth about the titans not being known by the people, the inhabitants of Attack on Titan are happy to live within its walls and enjoy a life of safety and prosperity.

Two special titans destroy the outer wall’s gate, opening the way for large numbers of humans to attack. The military must fight to keep the titans away and uncover their origins as they attempt to save Paradis’ last remaining bastion of humanity.

We follow the Scout Corps of the military from this point of entry. Their job is to exterminate titans outside and reconnaissance.

Who created Attack on Attack?

Hajime Isayama created Attack on Titan. He originally wrote the manga as a 60-page, one-shot story. Shonen Jump was a popular magazine that helped manga fans jump to success. He offered the story but Shonen Jump wanted him to reduce the violence and make it more appealing to younger readers. He instead took it to Weekly Shonen Magazine, where it was serialized and eventually became a phenomenon.

Who are the Main Characters?

Attack on Titan has many characters, so let’s get to the basics. The main protagonist is Eren, a young boy who lost both his mother and father to the titans. His hatred for the titans’ fuels his desire to kill them all.

Mikasa is his adopted sister. Mikasa is a swift, dangerous warrior who protects Eren at any cost because she owes him everything.

Armin is the brains behind the operation. Armin is a pragmatic strategist with a tactical brain, even though he lacks the strength to fight close up.

The other key characters include Commander Ervin, a pragmatic military leader, Hange, who is searching for answers about the origins of the titans, and Levi, who is a fan favorite badass who’s never met a titan that he couldn’t cut to ribbons quickly.


Watch the Attack on Attacks from Other Countries

The first season of Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer is now available on Netflix. Crunchyroll and Funimation will have the remaining episodes. Crunchyroll will have the last part of the final season, as Funimation was recently acquired by the anime giant. Crunchyroll will be your best option if you’re looking for a complete adventure. You can also purchase episodes on services such as YouTube, AppleTV+, and Google Play.


Where can you watch the Live-Action Attack at Movies?


Attack on Titan, like many other anime series, has been adapting to live-action. However, the results are somewhat disappointing. The live-action Attack on Titan version is less interesting than the animation version. This take, set in Japan, and featuring a lot of changes that don’t do the story justice well enough to last a few hours, is a good way to pass the time but will disappoint many fans of the manga or anime. You could do worse as a b movie horror or Japanese thriller.


Where can you read The Attack on Titan Manga?

There are many ways to read Attack on Titan manga. You can access the entire series on ad-based websites like this one, provided that you aren’t afraid to scroll through and close the occasional ad. You can also order a printed version from popular book services such as Indigo, Barnes, and Noble, or Amazon.

Attack on the Beginner’s Guide: All You Need to Know
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