Ark: Survival Evolved Console Cheats and Commands

Ark: Survival Evolved Console Cheats and Commands

Ark: Survival Evolved Console Cheats and Commands

Ark: Survival Evolved Console Cheats and Commands

There are many things to do in Arch: Survival Evolved. But once you’ve conquered its giant beasts and discovered all its hidden nooks and corners, you may be longing for more fun. console commands or cheats will provide that extra bit of entertainment.

Sometimes you just want to be faster or have more god-like powers. Perhaps you have a problem with a structure that you put down a while back or a creature that won’t let you go. Ark: Survival Evolved console commands, cheats offer simple solutions to situations such as these.

Ark: Survival Evolved Console Commands Hacks


To use Ark: Survival Evolved console commands and cheats in singleplayer, you just need to press Tab. A box will appear at your bottom. Enter the desired console command or cheat.

Multiplayer is more complex. First, you’ll need to input EnableCheats . This should allow you to use cheats on this particular server. You should also keep in mind that cheats may need to be preceded by admincheat .

Ark: Survival Evolved Player Commands


    • God – Toggles godmode doesn’t make it immune to drowning


    • InfiniteStats: Refills your health, stamina and oxygen levels, as well as food and water. Godmode prevents drowning


    • GMBuff – Grants InfiniteStats, godmode and additional experience points


    • GiveToMe – Changes the owner to the current player


    • EnemyInvisible: All creatures ignore you even if they attack you


    • ChangeSize – Increases or decreases the size of the current player


    • Fly – Grants flight


    • Ghost – Turns off noclip mode


    • GiveEngrams – Unlock all crafting recipes for your player character


  • GiveResources – Adds 50 resources to the player’s inventory


Ark: Survival Evolved Teleportation Orders


    • Teleport – Teleports the player in the direction that they are facing, until colliding with an object or terrain.


    • TeleportPlayerNameToMe – Teleports the player with that name to the current one.


    • TeleportToPlayer – Teleports current players to players with a specific ID


    • TP – Teleport quickly to specified locations


  • TPCoords – Teleports player from specified coordinates


Ark: Survival Evolved Destroy Orders


    • DestroyAll – Destroys all buildings or creatures of the specified type, whether wild or tamed.


    • DestroyAllEnemies: Destroys all nonplayer creatures on the map. Respawns are not affected


    • DestroyMyTarget: Destroys the target creature or structure


    • DestroyStructures: Destroys any structure owned by players on this map


    • DestroyTribeId – Destroys the tribe with a specified ID


    • DestroyTribeIdDinos – Destroys all tamed dinosaurs of the tribe with specified ID


    • DestroyTribePlayers- Destroys all TribePlayers on the Ark based upon your current target


  • DestroyWildDinos: Destroy all untamed animals


Ark: Survival Evolved Dino Commands


    • DoTame – Tames a targeted tameable creature. If done while mounted, crashes the server


    • DumpDinoStats: Get the stats for the dino that you are riding or targeting from the console


    • RainCritters – Spawns sheeps and dodos above the player


    • RainDinos – Spawn parasaurs and trikes over the player


    • SetBabyAge – Targeted baby dino age set


    • SetTargetDinoColor – Targeted dino sets to a specific color


    • SpawnDino >ZOffset> Spawns leveled dino


    • Summon Spawns creature/Beacon to current player’s position


  • SummonTamed – At the current location, a force-tamed creature the specified type is sown.


Ark: Survival Evolved Console Cheats and Commands
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