Steelrising Release Date – Everything We Know

Steelrising Release Date – Everything We Know

Steelrising Release Date – Everything We Know

Steelrising Release Date – Everything We Know

Steelrising impressed developers Spiders and publisher Nacon when it was first unveiled. This was due to its unique interpretation of the French Revolution. The setting and the idea of the automaton displacing justice in the parched streets of Pars raised questions about the release date.

We had the opportunity to see Steelrising live during a press conference that took place in June, as the second half of 2022 approaches. You’ll find all the information we have about Steelrising below, including details about the release date, story and gameplay.

Steelrising Release Date

Steelrising has set September 8th 2022 as its release date. It will be available on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

Steelrising: The Story

Steelrising is an alternative to the French Revolution, which saw King Louis XVI’s clockwork robotic army end any attempts at his rule.

This title is Aegis. It was originally intended to be a dancer but was later made into a deadly weapon to protect Queen Marie Antoinette.

The queen dispatches her bodyguard to find her children as soon as the game starts. Aegis’ search takes her to a whole night, where she explores a “gothic and fantastical representation” of Paris. It’s clear that the city’s outskirts have seen worse days.

Steelrising Gameplay

Steelrising is an action RPG. It marks Spiders’ first venture into the soul-like a subgenre. Combat is heavily based on precise attacks and punishes you for using them at the wrong moment.

Aegis can use different types of weapons. They are all represented as extensions to her body with their particularities.

Halberds use a thrusting attack, which you will need to align more carefully than the wider swings of the heavier and slower heavy hammer.

A weapon can also be equipped with a special move. This allows you to parry, block, and counterattack quickly if your timing is good. Or launch Aegis into a special attack.

These allow you to strike enemies far away, which compliments Steelrising’s melee-heavy gameplay. Others let you unleash a fire shockwave around you or send Aegis into an explosion of stylish attacks that allows you to get within striking distance of your targets.

Elements can be applied to certain weapon attacks, but you also have the option of applying damage against enemies.

Aegis can switch between two weapons at once. Depending on which stat you choose to spend Anima Essence – the equivalent of experience – the protagonist will become more skilled at certain weapons. Each weapon has its own scaling.

You can further define your build by adding modules to the slots. These allow you to increase health or cool down – equal to stamina. The hat, pants, jacket and boots you wear also have different stats.

You’ll be fighting an army of automatons over the course of the game. Their attack patterns and design will vary a lot. The game’s difficulty lies in the ability to learn the latter.

A foe who fires cannonballs at you from far is an entirely different animal than one that spews flames between attacks with dual blades.

You will also have to fight bigger minibosses and bosses who are more powerful. These encounters can be quite demanding, with many stages.

Steelrising is not an open-world game but has some fairly large levels you can explore.

Vestals are checkpoints that allow players to save progress, respawn and spend Anima Essence on upgrades or items in their in-built shops.

You will also be able to unlock tools that can help Aegis on her journey. You can use the compass as a consumable to show you where you are, and you can decide whether you want to rely on this or go it alone.

You can use the grappling tool to grapple to certain parts of the environment that have been clearly identified.

Aegis has access to a dash and a mechanical weapon that can strike down and destroy certain objects, such as fences, barricades and walls, or knock over enemies.

You’re limited in your healing options, as with all soul’s likes. If you die, all of the Anima Essence that you haven’t used will be lost.

Steelrising Assist Mode

Steelrising has only one difficulty option and is intended to be difficult. However, the developer included an Assist Mode to make it more forgiving.

You can toggle between the four options at will.

Assist mode allows you to increase Aegis damage reduction – up to 100%, which basically makes her invulnerable –, keep gathered Anima essence when dying, adjust the speed at which endurance regeneration occurs, and make all rapid cool – which help preserve a portion your endurance once it’s all gone – easier to pull off.

Not activating any of these options during a playthrough will result in you being unable to unlock difficulty-related achievements.Steelrising: Where and at what price?


Steelrising Release Date – Everything We Know
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