EA announces a new Marvel game, Insider reports

EA announces a new Marvel game, Insider reports

EA announces a new Marvel game, Insider reports

EA announces a new Marvel game, Insider reports

There are already a lot of Marvel titles we have in the works. There’s plenty to look forward too, from Marvel’s Midnight Suns (which will be released later in the year) to Marvel’s Wolverine (who can tell when that one will be removed).

However, it seems like this is just the beginning. According to Nick Baker, a prominent insider better known as Shpeshal Nick, a source told him that EA have started working on their own game. It’s up to you whether or not that’s a good idea.

He said that he had mentioned what it would likely be about and which Marvel IP it would be about. “I can’t even give any clues. I’m terrible at giving clues without giving away stuff,” he said last week on the Xbox Era podcast. People know me too well so when I say certain things people will think, “Oh, that’s Nick, which means he’s talking to this.” So that’s all I can say. He told me that rumors are circulating that EA is developing a Marvel title.

The main question is, however, that Baker insists he cannot answer: What will the game be? Reddit users have been busy thinking (and speculating) over.

First, let’s be clear: if the rumors are true, this won’t EEA’sfirst attempt at a Marvel title. In 2005, Marvel Nemesis – Rise of the Imperfects was published – a fighting game that tied in with the Marvel Nemesis comic series. It was, uh-okay. Metacritic gave the HTML2 version a low critic score of 53. A user score of 6.2 did not do much to improve it. At the same time, a sequel is unlikely to be the most popular title in the world; it should still be considered.

What do people want to see? RReddit’sstandout answer is Iron Man. Agoonga wrote, “reskinned Arnhem into an Iron Man video game.” “Yes, please. I have been longing for an action-RPG open-world Iron Man game. “He’s the ideal hero for a game, because his suits translate well to RPG elements and [customization], as well as having the PERFECT movement mechanisms already nailed down,” said xChris777.

You should take this information with a grain of salt until it is officially confirmed. But we all know what we want to see. EA, please come through for us.

EA announces a new Marvel game, Insider reports
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