*LATEST* Modern Warfare 2 beta date prediction & MW2 early access

*LATEST* Modern Warfare 2 beta date prediction & MW2 early access

*LATEST* Modern Warfare 2 beta date prediction & MW2 early access

*LATEST* Modern Warfare 2 beta date prediction & MW2 early access

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will be available on all our platforms starting October 28th, 2022.

Although it may seem far away, we can expect more gameplay trailers and leaks as well as alpha testing. And of course, Modern Warfare 2 is an open beta.

When is Modern Warfare 2’s beta release date? If you’ve been following MW2 news, you’ll have noticed a small error by Amazon. They posted a message stating that a “Beta Code qualifier” was needed when Modern Warfare 2 became accessible for pre-order.


“Pre-Order Call of Duty Modern Warfare II for any Platform by August 15th 2022 to Unlock Early Access to Call of Duty Modern Warfare Open Beta. Amazon must be sent and sold. On August 15, codes will be sent.”

This could be human error, and it doesn’t necessarily indicate the release date. However, it could place us in the same ballpark dates as Vaguards Open Beta.

Modern Warfare 2 beta release prediction

Activision has confirmed that pre-orders of the game will include beta access, but when exactly? Amazon US has recently made the following statement:

All platforms will be able to access Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 early, but the PlayStation beta is expected to arrive first.

Although it is not clear if MW2 will be made available simultaneously for the PS4 or PS5, we did see a similar staggered rollout beta access with Vanguard.

It is difficult to predict who will play first and if August 15th is a date that they give codes to people who pre-ordered before the beta event.

We expect the Modern Warfare 2 beta launch date to take place around 8 weeks prior.

We predict that the beta release date for Modern Warfare 2 will fall between September 2nd, 2022, and HTML9th, for PlayStation.

They will hopefully throw everyone into the MW2 Beta by September 15th, 2022. However, your date of choice could be earlier.

Last year’s open beta dates:

  • Friday, September 10th through Monday, September 13th: Early Access (beta access necessary)
  • Thursday, September 16th through Friday, September 17th: Open Beta for PlayStation, Early Access on Xbox+ PC (beta access necessary).
  • Saturday, September 18th through Monday, September 20th: Open Beta for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC (free to all players).

It seems that the timing is perfect, allowing developers sufficient time to stress servers and fix major bugs before the launch.

Call of Duty went through a difficult period in 2013, and the franchise was gradually losing popularity.

The franchise might not have recovered if it weren’t for Warzone, which allows players to play for free. However, the success story of the battle royale shooter speaks volumes.

This makes MW2 a crucial game for the franchise. However, it is not necessarily make-or-break, as mobile and Warzone are both free-to-play games that are very popular around the world.

*LATEST* Modern Warfare 2 beta date prediction & MW2 early access
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