GTA Online Players Discuss Their Characters' Backstories

GTA Online Players Discuss Their Characters’ Backstories

GTA Online Players Discuss Their Characters' Backstories

GTA Online Players Discuss Their Characters’ Backstories

You’ll develop strong bonds with your character if you play a game as much as GTA Online’s most dedicated players.

The Witcher 3’s Geraltof Rivia and the Yakuza Kazuma Kiryu may have fanactical fan groups based on what players know about them and who they are, but GTA Online’s protagonists remain a little more mysterious. They refuse to speak and don’t reveal any details about their pasts.

However, players are still trying to uncover the mysteries of their silent creations. Reddit users have been swapping headscanons about what their characters did before they arrived in Los Santos.

The Mysteries of GTA’s Quiet Crimelords Uncovered

This thread was started by Lower_Clothes8845, who shared an image of his character and asked the simple question: “What would you say your character did prior to coming to LS?”

Some users replied that they believed their characters had a military history. Tall-Dutch Guy suggested that an African warlord was the only explanation for their protagonist’s ability to carry so many weapons at once. FlamingoSquare5228 responded simply: “Multiple war crimes.”

Others pointed out the east coast as the origin of their characters. ETkach said their silent friend was an “Angels of Death” member and fonzi305 claimed their protagonist was a “getaway driving in Liberty City”. The character is wiped out from the club in 2008 and then goes into small-time crime. He or she flees to Los Santos after a fight with a gang.

A few users chose to go the tried-and-true bitter exocop route. A_Guy_Named_Matthew said: “My character was an officer in Carcer City who shot 63 Canadian immigrants. Then, he got fired and became a criminal.”

Some stories were worthy of Hollywood movie locations, as Lurked4EverB4Joining explained: “He played golf. He played a lot of golf. He gave up his dream of becoming a pro golfer and turned to violence and crime.

ThirstyPatriot, a user, confirmed that their character had a surreal history, saying that “He used to play Ronald McDonald before falling on hard times, and entering into the business of cocaine production.”

No matter what shape your GTA Online characters tragic tale takes, we encourage you to keep following us for more updates. We also release new content that may feature Michael from single-player.

GTA Online Players Discuss Their Characters’ Backstories
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