I am Out of Legendary Shards for the First Time in Destiny 2
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I am Out of Legendary Shards for the First Time in Destiny 2

I am Out of Legendary Shards for the First Time in Destiny 2

I am Out of Legendary Shards for the First Time in Destiny 2

Inflation has been a significant problem lately. It’s even affecting videogame economies. Legendary Shards, once a currency you could never run out of even if you tried hard, have become increasingly scarce in Destiny2. What’s the culprit? The culprit? Increased costs for focus gear. Season of the Haunted: Focusing an Opulent or Haunted Weapon at the Crown of Sorrow will cost 50 Legendary Shards. This rate was not fully understood until last night, when I realized I had only about 100 shards left.

Why is the rate increasing? Bungie probably realizes that many long-time players have built up large amounts of Legendary Shards over the years and is trying to take those funds to boost the shard economy. Perhaps other players are more attentive to their currencies than I am, but I was surprised, and now I realize that I will have to be more cautious with my spending.

Destiny2has a somewhat uneven history with currencies. Bungie has introduced, removed and adjusted many over the years. We got Armor 2.0, Enhancement Prisms, and Ascendant Shards. These currencies were, for a while, the main currency for endgame players. These currencies were no longer critical once sunsetting was stopped and players settled on Masterworked armour sets they liked.

Several new currencies were introduced to Destiny2 by crafting, which Bungie quickly removed. Except for Raid weapons, crafting is easy now. You can get the currency by completing Deepsight Resonances with dropped weapons. Additionally, you can purchase a limited amount of Ascendant Alloys each week to craft Enhanced Perks.

The increase in Legendary Shard focusing cost is the most significant change Bungie has made to Destiny2currencies in recent history. Although the move is intended to decrease veteran player stockpiles, it will also hurt newer players by adding another roadblock to the already complex crafting requirements for Season of the Haunted gear. At this stage, I don’t know how many weapons new players will be able to craft in a season. You need five red border drops to craft a weapon. Focusing each one costs 50 Legendary Shards. You can craft weapons year round, but I doubt it.

Although squeezing players to exchange shards may be to make them play more, it also means they will be more likely to search for exploits that can generate the currency. We’ve seen this repeatedly, such as the armour dismantling glitch and the Black Armory Forge Idling Bug. You can put a grindy paywall in front of Destiny2players, and they will find a way around it. Bungie will undoubtedly patch these exploits, but there’s always more.

If Bungie feels that the players have exhausted their reserves, we might see a lower rate for focusing gear next year. I would prefer it to be reverted now.

I am Out of Legendary Shards for the First Time in Destiny 2
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