Minecraft Player Builds Kebab Dispenser

Minecraft Player Builds Kebab Dispenser

Minecraft Player Builds Kebab Dispenser

Minecraft players create a variety of bizarre and creative creations. These include massive masterpieces such as a futuristic cricket stadium or faithful recreations of Elden Ring’s The Lands Between or GTA Online’s Diamond Casino.

Sometimes players feel hesitant to attempt builds of this scale. This could be because they are too busy playing through Stray or as a Minecraft Pig.

This often results in small, quirky creations such as a Redstone-based kebab machine that is taking Reddit by storm.

Do you find this taste a bit stale?
This thread in the subreddit Minecraft started with 3Rns posting a video of his takeaway dispenser working. He captioned it, “I built a mini-kebab dispenser.”

Minecraft Player Builds Kebab Dispenser

Others were impressed by the originality of the idea. Mipans035, a user, revealed their Turkish nationality before commenting: “Dude, how could (I not) think (of building this?” RaphaeliskoolbutRude added: “Bro, that’s awesome!”

Kingthlouis, a user, went one better with his glowing praise by declaring that “this is one the most creative Minecraft builds I have seen in recent time”. Zeezygg also declared it a “visionary”, and 3Rns was subsequently christened a “visionary”.

A few users, however, suggested minor improvements that could take the project to the next level. Fed_up_with_Reddit recommended: “Now all you need to do is hook up an automated sheep farm to it that kills sheep with lava, cooks the mutton,” and ThePharmacyst added: “Have you tried dripstone blocks for meat?” It might stand out a little more because of its texture.

Others were also puzzled by the fact that the machine was so small but still quite chunky. Although indeed, Minecraft’s blocky world doesn’t look very heavy, there are still some things that look hefty.

You can order your favourite kebab and then eat. Follow us to get more Roblox and Minecraft Mods updates as new content is added in both games.

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