Players Say 'GTA Online" New Mission is "Terrifying" and "Eerie".

Players Say ‘GTA Online” New Mission is “Terrifying” and “Eerie”.

Players Say 'GTA Online" New Mission is "Terrifying" and "Eerie".

Players Say ‘GTA Online” New Mission is “Terrifying” and “Eerie.”


Grand Theft Auto has many qualities as a series: action-packed and expansive. It does not have horror. However, Kotaku reported that GTA Online brought along some creepy stuff.

Be aware that spoilers are ahead for the new campaign missions in GTA Online. If you don’t have the chance to try them yet, scroll down now. This is a great ride if you do not mind spoilers for GTA Online.

The campaign’s final mission sends players to a dark bunker with supposedly sleeping robots wearing human faces. Because the power is out, it is. You must navigate the entire area with a flashlight and listen to the humanoid robots breathe and twitch. It’s not scary at all. They’ll be right after you once power is restored.

Reddit players have been reacting to this mission. Some even went so far as to claim that they “won’t be sleeping” because of it. “Not going to lie. Got a little jumpscare. I was the first to walk in the darkness. “I turned the corner, and he was right in front of me then made that noise simultaneously,” wrote catdog199998. It was terrifying to explore the silo again, even though it had been abandoned for half a century. Even though I had [three] others there, it was still quite frightening, especially as we split up to search for the fuse. We don’t know if this was an intentional bug, but one of the cyborgs shifted after turning the power back off.” R3DD3Y said.

Although I can’t claim this is what we expected, it’s still a great update. It’s quite cool. It’s not all horror missions. It also nerfed the most annoying vehicle in the game, which is huge.

Players Say ‘GTA Online” New Mission is “Terrifying” and “Eerie”.
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