VLK Rogue nerf frustrates Warzone players

VLK Rogue nerf frustrates Warzone players

VLK Rogue nerf frustrates Warzone players

VLK Rogue nerf frustrates Warzone players

The Warzone meta heavily features the Vanguard arsenal, but those who continue to get into the action love Modern Warfare weapons. The Season 4 Patch Notes saw popularity skyrocket for the VLK Rogue and the Kilo 141.

The VLKRogue is a powerful weapon that can inflict severe damage to opponents and has high mobility. Raven Software intervenes before the weapon shines.

The August 3 update brought another round of buffs and nerfs, resulting in another shift in meta. To the dismay of players looking for the best Warzone guns, the VLK Rogue’s maximum damage received a substantial nerf.

VLK Rogue is not popular with players

People trying to get to grips with the shotgun quickly shared their frustrations at the unnecessary nerf. Reddit user JaisGucci claims that battle royale had become stale before the VLK Rogue appeared in the meta. “I was getting bored with the game, and then the VLK Rogue became a thing again. “I had a blast with the shotgun these last couple of days,” said the player.

Many frustrated players agreed with Warzone’s claim that assault rifles (SMG) and submachine guns are the two dominant categories in matches. Another commenter said, “I swear they only want us playing with two guns!”

The nerf has a 30% impact on pellet damage, meaning that the shotgun is now more dangerous than before the Season 4 Reloaded update. The decision to nerf a shotgun with a pick rate of 0.25% in Resurgence modes also confuses Redditor Douglas1994. It’s used by about 1 out of 400 players, and it has been nerfed to the point it is completely ineffective.

Raven Software may be able to reverse the changes and restore the VLK Rogue’s former glory, despite the frustration of the Warzone community. While we wait, please look at our guide highlighting the best Warzone MMG to utilize.

VLK Rogue nerf frustrates Warzone players
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