OSRS Mining Guide: What You Need and What You Need To Know

“Welcome to our OSRS Mining Guide, where we will be discussing this skilling method, what you will need, and the fastest ways to achieve 99. Mining is one of OSRS’s more straightforward skills, with many areas in which to train the skill. The reason for this is that mining is essentially a repeated motion of striking rocks, which can be found throughout Gielinor. Striking these rocks with your Pickaxe means you can acquire ores and other rewards, which are often beneficial to other areas such as crafting and smithing. Despite this skill being relatively cheap to partake in, other aspects of the game may see you need to purchase OSRS gold to progress steadily. Now that we have briefly touched on what Mining Is let’s go a little more in-depth.”


“The beauty of this skill is that you only ever need one tool to conduct your mining, a Pickaxe. Though this does not mean that you will only ever need one, as you progress through the levels of this skill, you will need to upgrade your Pickaxe so it is equipped for specific materials.”

  • Bronze – Level 1
  • Iron – Level 1
  • Steel – Level 6
  • Black – Level 11
  • Mithril – Level 21
  • Adamant – Level 31
  • Rune – Level 41
  • Dragon – Level 61
  • Crystal – Level 71

“Additionally, players with level 85 Smithing can craft an Infernal Pickaxe, the statistic equivalent to the Dragon Pickaxe. However, this Pickaxe has a one in three chance of spontaneously combusting ores that are mined. This provides a small amount of Smithing XP and lessens trips to the bank by preventing overfilling of the inventory. All of this, in turn, offers faster XP rates.”


“Here we are showcasing the Ores we believe are most beneficial. As although most ores will carry you through the necessary steps, we believe the list below showcases some of the best for training XP.”

  • Copper/Tin – Level 1 (17.5XP per Ore)
  • Iron – Level 15 (35XP per Ore)
  • Silver – Level 20 (40XP per Ore)
  • Coal – Level 30 (50XP per Ore)
  • Gem Rocks – Level 40 (65XP per Ore)
  • Gold – Level 40 (65XP per Ore)
  • Granite – Level 45 (50XP per Ore)
  • Mithril – Level 55 (80XP per Ore)
  • Adamantite – Level 70 (95XP per Ore)
  • Runite – Level 85 (125XP per Ore)

Next, we are going to explore the approach we will take to get to 99, so let’s take a closer look at what to do and when.

Levels and How To Approach Them


Levels Method Notes
Level 1-15 Mining Copper and Tin Ores (17.5XP each) A great way to start your Mining journey. This can be done anywhere throughout the game, though Lumbridge Swamp is arguably the best place to do so.
Level 15-45 Iron Ores (35XP each) are your best bet in Mining at this stage in the game, it offers the fastest way to gain XP and reach Level 45
Level 45/72-99 Motherlode Mines This method is available from level 30, though the XP gains are low until the upper level is unlocked at 72.
40-99 Gem Rocks This method is unlocked following the completion of the ‘Hard Karamja Diary’ and is a fast and profitable alternative.

Other Useful Equipment

Here we have compiled some additional information for those of you looking to more than just progress through their Mining skill bouts:

  • Parts of “Prospector Outfit’ increase Mining XP rates.
  • Varrock armor offers a 10% chance of mining two ores of the same type simultaneously (depending on tier)
  • Mining Cape gives players a 5% chance of receiving an additional ore while mining up to Adamantite.
  • Mining gloves (superior/expert) provide you with the chance of not destroying rocks when mining certain ores.
  • Bracelet of Clay offers soft clay rather than raw clay when mining clay rocks; it also doubles the yield from soft clay rocks.
  • “Celestial ring provides an invisible +4 boost to your mining level, though this does not allow you to mine ores above your current level. (If charged with stardust, players have a 10% chance to get an extra ore from rocks up to Asamantite)”
  • The Elven Signet gives players a 10% chance to prevent the Crystal pickaxe from consuming a charge when an ore is mined.
  • The gem bag can hold 60 uncut gems of each Sapphire and Dragonstone, possibly improving efficiency when mining rocks.


“This concludes the necessary steps and a bit more on how to successfully level your Mining skill to 99 in OSRS. We would like to once again thank our readers for choosing our article to guide them through their Runescape adventures, and we hope to see you in our next guide!”



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