EA Sports FC 24 player unlocks the top Ultimate Team pack

EA Sports FC 24 player unlocks the top Ultimate Team pack.

The opening Ultimate Team packs available in EA Sports FC 24 are a crucial element of constructing the most powerful football team in the world to face opposition with their top starting eleven in the virtual football field.

The game’s Season 1 is still progressing before the standard edition release. Many are receiving the most coveted Relentless Winger Evolution player before the Road to the Knockouts promo starts.

The players who play during the early access period have already been able to form the starting team. While the game is in the beginning, one player has managed to get two world-class players worth millions of coins in the same group.

EA Sports FC 24 player completes the Ultimate Team with one pack

During a recent chat, X (formerly Twitter) user @harrybowman was able to access the Jumbo Rare Players Pack to get some highly-rated players to the Ultimate Team squad. Then, to his delight,, the double-walkout animated was triggered, revealing two of the game’s top players.

On the screens appeared PSG forward Kylian Mbappe. He was soon followed by Brazil’s Ronaldo,, also known as R9.

It was expected that people who were in shock following the viewing of one of the best Ultimate Team pack openings. One person declares: “I refuse to believe this is real.” A different user adds: “So this is why I’ve been getting 83s from my last 20 50k packs.”

Jumbo Rare Player Packs can be worth 100,000 coins or 2,000 FC Points. They are among the most expensive purchases in the game players could make. It contains a set of 24 Ultimate Team players, with the majority being in the rare category.

The chances of achieving an extra double-walkout are already low. But what if you saw Mbappe and Ronaldo being on the field? Make sure to spare some luck for others!

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Harry being able to put two of the best players together in one group is an opportunity for anyone else who’s waiting to be one of the icons or players with an impressive quality rating.

For more information about EA Sports FC 24, please look at our guides that showcase the most effective FC Founders Evolution players and how you can earn coins quickly.

EA Sports FC 24 player unlocks the top Ultimate Team pack
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