Fortnite ‘The following object have been produce from your report ’ error explained

Cosmetic items may be taken off your Fortnite account if you’re playing with the battle royale game on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, or Android.

Some players are getting themselves unfortunate enough to boot up Epic Games’ Fortnite and be confronted with an in-game message saying that items and/or V-Bucks are removed from their account.

What’s the Fortnite”The following items have been eliminated from your account” error speaking to, however? And why is it accepting your Fortnite currency and cosmetics away?

Stick with this manual as we explain everything you need to learn more about the Fortnite items removed error message. Fortnite’The next Items Have Been Removed From Your Account’

  • Redeeming stolen goods.
  • Having a gift reversed.
  • Error on Epic Games’ part.

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If you purchased or received counterfeit Fortnite codes and then redeemed them, those items will eventually be removed from your account and you are not entitled to get them back. If an item was gifted to you by another player in Fortnite and is then reversed — as seen in the featured image — this will also see it removed from your account. In this scenario, you’d need to contact the person that sent the gift with any inquiries.

Finally, it’s possible that you don’t fall into either of these categories. In that event, you should contact Fortnite support and explain the issue.

Fortnite ‘The Following Items Have Been Removed From Your Account’ | V-Bucks lost

If you lost V-Bucks instead of cosmetic items when encountering the Fortnite items removed message, you’re in the same boat. If the V-Bucks were gained through illegitimate means you can kiss them goodbye for good, but, if you believe they were genuine, contact Fortnite support with your case.

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