Borderlands 3: Stick It To ‘Em – Trophy and Achievement Guide


In Borderlands 3 there are a few trophies and accomplishments you can open. To finish the game with 100% you need to ace every one of the trophies or accomplishments effectively. To make it simpler for you, we might want to disclose the accompanying trophy to you in this guide:

Take advantage of Them

Murder at least two adversaries with a solitary clingy projectile.

For a review all things considered, see our 100% Trophy Guide to Borderlands 3.


Kill enemies with a single sticky grenade

First you need a mod for the sticky grenade. You can wait until you find this mod automatically or you can just buy it at an ammo dump vending machine (green vending machines).

The easiest way to kill two enemies is to go to Pandora, the Droughts. Then find some Level 1 enemies and throw the grenade at them. Both enemies must be killed at the same time.

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