Detroit Become Human: All Connor Endings – I’LL BE BACK


In the event that you need to play 100% Detroit Become Human and you need to open the platinum trophy you need to explain this riddle also. You will open the accompanying trophy:


Connor passed on and returned at each open door before arriving at the end

For this errand Connor needs incredible occasions in one playthrough. You need to begin another Story for this! You can not simply bounce into a part to allow him to kick the bucket and proceed onward to the following – that would not refresh your advancement among sections and you would not merit the trophy. All sections must be played consistently. A few parts have more than one path for Connor to bite the dust. With them you just need one demise. You should likewise be unfriendly to Hank so he shoots Connor in the “Extension” part. From that point forward constantly defiant, talk seriously about androids, since cold, spill his beverage, murder the two Tracis in the Eden club, to truly make him insane. At the point when you visit Amanda, you can visit the graveyard at the rear of the nursery to see your passing.

You can abbreviate the procedure by having Kara bite the dust in “Section: On the Run” when going across the parkway with Alice. Simply don’t push catches and a vehicle will murder Kara and Alice, evacuating all her future parts.


You can likewise let Mark pass on during the “Part: Freedom March”. At the point when the police show up, the alternative chooses STAND GROUND, STAND GROUND, SACRIFICE. At that point the police shoot Markus. This expels the entirety of his next sections.

Significant: Death in the discretionary section “Cross examination” is additionally required. Try not to miss it or you will miss the trophy!

A review of all trophies for Detroit Become Human can be discovered right here.

I’ll Be Back Trophy Guide

0:05 #1 – Chapter: The Hostage
1:33 #2 – Chapter: The Interrogation
3:58 #3 – Chapter: On the Run
6:19 #4 – Chapter: The Nest
7:02 #5 – Chapter: The Bridge
9:29 #6 – Chapter – Public Enemy
11:09 (MARKUS DEATH) – Chapter: Freedom March
12:13 #7 – Last Chance, Connor
13:23 #8 – Crossroads
15:01 #9 – Battle for Detroit
17:27 #10 – Battle for Detroit

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