The Division 2 Cassie Mendoza on April 20 – Inventory


What does Cassie Mendosa bring to the table today? Where would i be able to locate the mystery vendor Cassie? In this post we give you where Cassie covers up and what she offers available to be purchased.

Cassie Mendoza on 4/20/2019 – The Division 2

So as to locate the careful area of Cassie, you should initially discover the nark. The Snitch isn’t appeared on the Map, it’s at one of the question marks (?) on your guide.


When you discover him, he will reveal to you the area of Cassie and she will be set apart on the guide.

Keep in mind, Cassie’s Inventory depends on your Gear Score!

  • SR-1 Marksman Rifle
  • Persephone Precision Gloves
  • Invisible Hand – AUG A3-COC
  • MP5A2


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