Black Ops 4: Dead of the Night – Unlock Pack A Punch


As in practically all Zombie scenes, you can likewise open the Pack A Punch machine in Black Ops 4 Dead of the Night. In this guide, we clarify how this works.

To begin with, you should enact the Sentinel Artifact, without which the territories stay shut to you. Directly toward the start, where you start, you see a blue gleam on the opposite side of the lobby, there is the Sentinel antiquity.

So you need to stroll to the opposite side.

Find the three crystals in Dead of the Night

Did you activate the Sentinel Artifact? In order to gain access to the PaP machine, you must enter the forest, this is locked and you need three tuning forks to open the way. Now you have to find three crystals:

  • Green Crystal – in the bedroom (or in the corridor in front of it)
  • Blue Crystal – In the wine cellar (3 spots)
  • Purple Crystal – In the library (There are three possible vases there, one upstairs)



These crystals are hidden in vases, you recognize them by the fact that a light beam is visible above the vase.


Once you’ve found a crystal you have to charge it by luring zombies into the area and killing them. After about 4 zombies the crystal should be charged, then you have to go to the crystal and press square.

This will give you an indication of the next step of each crystal. The crystals are not always hidden in the same vases!

  • Woman Portrait: Music Room
  • Clock: Billiards Room, Main Hall or Dining Room
  • Doll – Entrance Hall
  • Noose: Wine Cellar on the back of a chair (After trigger this item, you have to follow a ghost)
  • Scroll: ??


Once you are interacting with any of the objects, a random challenge can begin! At the end of a challenge, you will receive a tuning fork (you must take it with you, it will not be automatically placed in your inventory).

When you have loaded all the crystals, all the challenges are done and you have collect all three Tuning Forks, the Barrkiade will disappear to the forest and you will have access to the Pack A Punch machine. Access to the forest is through the main hall.

When the gate is open, you will meet your first Werewolf, just walk the path, and you will come to the Pack A Punch Machine. If you want to upgrade a weapon you have to stand in front of it, take the weapon back to you when it’s done. If you wait too long, the weapon disappears.

Remember, there are always different challenges in the crystals!

An overview of all trophies for Dead of the night can be found here.

BO4 Dead of the Night Pack a Punch Guide

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