Resident Evil 2 – Chess Plugs Socket Puzzle Solution


One of the riddles in Resident Evil 2 necessitates that you discover 6 chess plugs (electronic parts) and use them in the right request in the Monitor Room. We show you the correct request.

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Chess Plug Sockets Puzzle

Some time after you regain control of Leon, you need to get to Ada, but between you and Ada is a steel door that can only be opened if you solve the riddle with the chess plugs.


All in all, you need 6 chess plugs in the Monitor Room, these steps are part of the story and can not be missed! In the process of finding all 6 pieces of electronics (chess plugs) you will also find the chemical flame thrower.

Here’s the solution to the right order:

  • Solution A-Scenario: Right Wall = Pawn, Queen, King & Left Wall = Bishop, Rook, Knight
  • Solution B-Scenario: Right Wall = Pawn, Rook, Knight & Left Wall = Queen, Bishop, King


Chess Plug Riddle Solution

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