Resident Evil 2 Remake All Safe Code Combinations & Locations


In Resident Evil 2 Remake there are some concealed safes, in this guide we give all of you the mystery safes and the sheltered mixes!

On the off chance that you go to the difficulty of discovering every one of the safes, you won’t just get Useful Items, you’ll likewise open more trophies and accomplishments:

Ace of Unlocking

Open the entirety of the safes and secures in the game.

A Vault-like Mind

Open a convenient safe.

First Break-in

Open a dial safe.

On the off chance that you need more answers for the game take a gander at our Resident Evil 2 100% walkthrough.


All Safe Locations & Safe Codes

In total there are 8 hidden safes and codes. Let’s start with an overview of all safe codes:

  1. West Office Safe = L9R15L7
  2. West Office Desk Left Lock = NED
  3. West Office Desk Right Lock= MRG
  4. Shower Room 2F Locker = CAP
  5. Police Station 3rd Floor Locker = DCM
  6. Waiting Room Safe = L6, R2, L11
  7. Sewers Control Room Locker Code = SZF
  8. Treatment Pool Room Safe = L2, R12, L8
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