The Division 2: Create or join a clan – Thats how it works


In “The Division 2″ you can begin a family or join a tribe. How this functions is clarified in this guide. On the off chance that you join a group or start your very own family, the accompanying accomplishment/trophy will be opened:

Quality in Numbers

Make or join a tribe.

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So you start a clan or join one

First you have to recruit Grace Larson from the Theather Settlement. To unlock them for recruiting, you must accept and complete the main missions and side missions of the NPCs in the Theater Settlement.


Have you completed the first step, go back to the White House and speak with Grace Larson in the east wing on the ground floor.

If you speak with Grace you can unlock the option to create clans and join clans.

Joining a clan is simple, just talk to Grace in the White House. If you want to start your own clan you can choose insignia, names and preferences.

How do I invite players into my clan? Open the pause menu and click on Clan in the top left corner, then add player list and member.

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