Fortnite: Find the Secret Battlestar from Week 3 – Season 6

You are searching for the mystery battlestar in Fortnite, Week 3 Season 6? We help you with the hunt, underneath you will discover all insights regarding the area of the star.

So as to locate the shrouded Star in Fortnite you need the piece of information, which you possibly get when you have finished every one of the difficulties of this current week. You will at that point see an image with shrouded pieces of information to the area of the battlestar of the third week.

All difficulties of this current week can be found here in the diagram.

Battlestar Found in the 3rd week of Season 6

The loading screen shows you how Little Red Riding Hood fights the evil wolf. If you look closely, you will recognize the hint at the chimney. Your journey will take you to Wailing Woods. More specifically, in the east of Wailing Woods you will find the wooden house you are looking for.

Climb up onto the roof and grab another extra star!

Fortnite Secret Star

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