Fortnite Battle Royale – All Birthday Cake Locations Guide

With the current Fortnite Update 5.1 (patch 1.68) new battles have begun, the very first Fortnite birthday. In this guide we show you the following challenge:

Dance of Birthday Cakes in Front

Listed below are a total of 10 Birthday Cakes to battle for the”Dance in Front of Different Birthday Cakes” struggle to celebrate Fortnite’s birthday. There are over 10 birthday cakes on the menu, however you just need 10, below is a movie in which to obtain the best.

It is going to be shown which you did Should you dance before a birthday cake. Considering that the movie includes all of 10 birthday cakes to be received by the route, you can do it.

All Birthday Cake Locations Guide

0:00 Flush Factory
0:20 Fatal Fields
0:40 Greasy Grove
1:00 Loot Lake
1:19 Pleasant Park
1:36 Lazy Links
1:54 Risky Reels
2:08 Lonely Lodge
2:27 Retail Row
2:49 Paradise Palms

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