Detroit Become Human: Jericho Graffiti Locations

In the game “Detroit Become Human“, there are a total of 7 Graffiti you can find in the Jericho chapter. Below are all the places where these graffiti are hidden (Jericho Chapter Walkthrough).

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Find all graffiti in the Jericho chapter

  • After you get off the train, on the left wall.
  • Go down the escalator and you see it in front of you.
  • Go over the street. There on a colorful building.
  • Walk down the street, looking through a fence on the left. If you’re at the fence you can scan two symbols, for the third you have to crawl under the fence and remove the wooden planks that lean against the wall and block the view of the symbol.
  • Stay behind the fence and go to the junkyard. You can scan a symbol on the ground. For the next two, you have to pull the container to the wall to climb.
  • Wall jump to the other side and drop. Then you can scan a big graffiti on the high building.
  • In the high building, after the simulation of the best ascent path. You will need to line up part of the wall and part of a column to get the “X” symbol.


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