Leave the Gungeon Confirmed for Console and PC Release


This was affirmed in a tweet by DodgeRoll Games that likewise affirmed House of the Gundead, the House of the Dead-esque arcade game, will discharge around a similar time for arcades, and that Enter the Gungeon has accomplished more than 3 million in deals.

For those new to Exit the Gungeon, it was a somewhat amazing declaration for Apple Arcade and actually one of not many games that made the administration tempting. It takes the center idea of Enter the Gungeon and transforms it into a littler and easier variant. Consider it like a lift arrange in a beat them up game. You have an extremely little zone and you battle adversaries and guard it as well as can be expected.


The hectic style of gameplay and likely fairly high skill cap will make it an easy choice for fans and newcomers alike. It is also nice to see the title land on other platforms, especially given it released only a couple months ago on iOS. No word on what, if any, changes will be made but, even if it is the same exact game, at least it’s great to have the opportunity to experience it.


Sadly, while we know what is going on with Exit the Gungeon, there doesn’t seem to be any word on where to find a House of the Gundead machine. In addition to it not being present at last years E3, the $5000 price point will make it hard for a lot of fans to pick one up. This leaves arcades, of which there are not terribly many, to pick up the tab and ultimately have. Given the niche nature of the franchise, it is unlikely to see it be fairly widespread but hopefully we will see a listing of where to find it in the future.

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