Marchen Forest: Mylne and the Forest Gift Complete Edition Delayed; Current Release is 2020



Uninhibitedly wander a completely 3D-rendered mysterious woods together with Mylne, a little youngster dwelling at an otherworldly pharmacist!

At some point, Mylne’s grandpappy, an ace pharmacist, demands that she find and assemble some mixture fixings.

In spite of the fact that no more peculiar to the backwoods and its interests, gathering fixings is a first for Mylne, and she is at lost where to start.

You, regarded players, are entrusted with guaranteeing that Mylne turns into an ace pharmacist.

You’ll chuckle, you’ll cry! The otherworldly backwoods is packed with little ponders!

Angling, random data, preparing, and even prison investigation anticipates you!

Incorporates a plenty of fun minigames!

Your free-wandering experience starts!

– Gather Ingredients –


Complete an assortment of occasions covered up all through the woods to accumulate elements for elixirs!

The controls are straightforward: simply check any spots of intrigue!

– A Variety of Minigames –

Random data, angling, and even fights!?

Minigames are shrouded away some place in the woods.

Appreciate some minigames, or simply play straight through the fundamental story―how you play is up to you!

– Collect, and Collect Some More! –

Your made mixtures and got fish are put in plain view in Mylne’s room!

Let your inward completionist go out of control!

– Enjoy Multiple Playthroughs! –

Complete the game by just making an elixir! Continue playing to open new regions while keeping mixtures made in past playthroughs!

Make new elixirs to open various regions in your next playthrough!

– Complete Act 1 and Watch the Credits Roll –

You’ll realize you’ve finished Act 1 when a tune plays and the end credits roll.

– But Wait! The Game’s Not Over! The Door to Act 2 Opens! –

On the off chance that you restart the game subsequent to watching the consummation,

the entryway to the ongoing interaction pressed Act 2 will open!

Prepare to encounter a totally different side of Märchen Forest!


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